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Disney_World (I am sorry if there is already one.)

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Disney_World Willow comes into the infirmary with Rose and Skylar. A few campers were on the beds, injured. Willow had Skylar and Rose lay down on the beds, soon enough they fell asleep. Willow and Ace helped them, by feeding them some ambrosia and treating to their wounds. Willow had noticed that they were very skinny, they had probably been on the streets for some time. Most people at camp had an interesting story to tell.

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Disney_World ((A few hours later))

Skylar woke up to hear lots of people talking, she recognized one of the voices, it was the girl from before. She tried to get up, but her whole body was sore.
Willow saw that one of the girls was up. She was trying to get up, but Willow rushed over and made her lay back down. She asked “How are you feeling?”
“Fine I guess.” Skylar whispered.
Rose heard her sister’s voice and opened her eyes, she had been up for some time, not wanting to do anything. She was enjoying the comfort of a real bed.
Willow saw the other girl open her eyes. Willow asks “What are your guy’s names?” She didn’t really point it at either of them.

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Disney_World ((Sure, look at the time skip though.))

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Disney_World “Rose!” Rose said with a bit of a smile. The girl seemed nice enough. She felt a lot better then before.
“Skylar.” Skylar said with a whisper. She still didn’t trust these people, she didn’t get why Rose did. What if it was a trap of some sort?

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Disney_World ((Did Taylor just come through the doors?))

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Disney_World ((Wait, I’m confused!))

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Disney_World “Willow,” Willow said to Rose and Skylar, then looked up at a girl who was standing there, she was in bad shape.

((Wait, is she new to camp?))

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Disney_World Willow jogged over to the girl, she wished more people were here to help her. Ace had just left. She had five people to watch over, and now a sixth. She quickly looked over the girls injuries and had her sit down.
Rose just watched did people get hurt often at this place? Skylar listens, Willow had left them. Skylar whispers to Rose “What is happening?”
Rose responds “Some new girl just came in.”

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Disney_World ((what injuries does she have? Just so I know what to do.))

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Disney_World ((Okay, thanks!))

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Disney_World Willow says “Stay here.” To the girl and goes to get some medicine and cleaning supplies. She comes back and starts to clean the dirt out of the cuts. “What happened?” She asks the girl as she cleans the cuts.

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Disney_World Willow nods, “I see, I figured it was something like that.” She says. She notices that the twins went back to sleep. Willow looks at the cut on her arm, it was pretty deep, and it was bleeding a lot. She takes a clean cloth and wipes away some of the blood, and tries to apply pressure to stop the bleeding. After the bleeding starts to die down, she grabs a little bit of ambrosia and gives it to the girl. “Eat.” She says.

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Disney_World “No problem!” Willow says, “So, what’s your name. Don’t think I have seen you before” She does this while she starts to wrap her cut on her arm up.

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Disney_World “Willow, daughter of Apollo.” Willow says, “Nice to meet you!”

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Disney_World “Yeah, except I can’t sing or shoot an arrow like some people I know can.” Willow says with a laugh, “I can heal people though!” Then she adds “I always thought Hectate would be cool, you know being able to do all that magic and stuff!”

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Disney_World “That’s fine! You should be able to learn eventually!” Willow said, finishing up the wrap on Taylor’s arm. “Does that feel okay?” She asks, not wanting it to be too tight or anything.

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Disney_World “It’s fine, it’s what I do!” Willow says, “Just come back tomorrow for me to check on it, to make sure its not infected or anything.” Then adds “The scratches on your legs should be healed hopefully by tomorrow.”

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Disney_World “No problemo!” Willow called back. Then goes back to check on Rose and Skylar, they had woken up again and had been talking. She fed them some more ambrosia and they were strong enough to walk. So, she takes them outside and starts to give them a tour of camp.

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#Savagestorm (queen_miracle) | 0 comments ((Is the infirmary for sick people?))

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Disney_World ((Sick and injured.))

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#Savagestorm (queen_miracle) | 0 comments ((Oh. I am so clueless.))

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Disney_World ((it’s okay!))

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