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message 1: by Annalee (new)

Annalee | 2 comments I remember in the 6th grade (2010) my teacher read to us a chapter book. It was about a girl who went to the Amazon, though I don't remember if it was to move there or for vacation. There were also two boys who liked her, one of them from South America. The title may have had the word "journey" in it.
I believe the girl was known for her dark hair and the book may have taken place during the period when Britain was still colonizing
And I think one of the boys was named Finn!
It's not a lot of information, but any help looking for it would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!

message 2: by Annalee (new)

Annalee | 2 comments Just found it! It's called "Journey to the River Sea"

message 3: by A M Garrod (new)

A M Garrod | 2 comments Eva Ibbotson is a great author.

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