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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Woman thinks baby girl died in childbirth- finds out it was given away. Mystery / thriller. Spoilers ahead. [s]

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Amelia | 2 comments It is a mystery / thriller about a woman who thinks her baby girl died in childbirth. Years later, she is informed by (I think) a nurse who was there at the time who tells her (or possibly, the nurses family tells her when the nurse has died) that her baby was alive and that it was given away. Woman goes on a hunt to unveil truth about what happened. SPLOILER- involves the husband and sister in law and black mail. Man is living a double life with wife and sister in law. Lots of twists and turns including the ending, where the child themselves (turns out to be a boy) writes a passage of hate towards ‘mum’. Please help!!!!

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Mai | 1253 comments Maybe Close My Eyes by Sophie McKenzie?

I found it searching online but the reviews mention the nurse who tells her that her baby is alive and the husband being in on it.

Amelia | 2 comments Yes! Thank you!

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