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message 1: by Shari (new)

Shari Sakurai (shari_sakurai) | 107 comments Congrats Ashley! I've tweeted (@ShariSakurai), posted on facebook ( and pinned (

message 2: by Katheryn (new)

Katheryn Avila (katheryn_avila) Congrats!

Became a fan on Goodreads, liked her FB page, and shared her website and GR page on Twitter and Facebook.


message 3: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth | 2 comments Congratulations, Ashley! I've posted your info on my Facebook and Twitter pages. Good luck!


message 4: by Arie (new)

Arie Farnam (ArieFarnam) | 56 comments Oh, this is a fun one! Congradulations Ashley! I posted on my book blog

And tweeted and posted about your book on Facebook. Good luck. (It's all true too.)

message 5: by Brandy (new)

Brandy | 131 comments Congratulations! I posted on my FB page.

message 6: by booklover4life (new)

booklover4life (booklover4lifeblog) I posted her link on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, my blog, and added her to my friends list on Fb.

message 7: by Josephine (new)

Josephine McNabb | 45 comments Congrats! Posted on twitter -

And on my author fb page -

message 8: by Dawn (new)

Dawn Hamilton (dawnmariehamilton) | 39 comments Congrats, Ashley. I've added The Wanderer's Guide to Dragon Keeping by Ashley O'Melia to my Goodreads Want to Read list. Followed you on twitter and tweeted. :)
Good luck!


message 9: by J.S. (new)

J.S. Frankel | 16 comments Nicely done, Ashley, I've put your link on my Facebook page. Congrats!

message 10: by Daelynn (new)

Daelynn Quinn (daelynnquinn) | 47 comments Congrats! I featured you on this week's Author Spotlight. If you have any links you would like to add, feel free to message me.

message 11: by J.J. (new)

J.J. DiBenedetto | 651 comments Ashley,

I can host you on my website - just PM me or email at jamesd at elevendayempire dot com.

message 12: by Antoinette (new)

Antoinette Houston (ajhouston) | 63 comments Congrats Ashley! posted on both my fb page and fb author page, tumblr, twitter, wordpress and google+

message 13: by Kyra (new)

Kyra Halland (kyrahalland) Congratualtions, Ashley! Will shout-out on Facebook, etc, and would love to do a blog interview/feature if you're interested. email me:

message 14: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer McDonald (JenMcDonald) | 69 comments Congrats Ashley!

Shared on Facebook:

and twitter:

message 15: by M.L. (new)

M.L. Crum (April71) | 55 comments Good for you.
I pinned to several boards on pinterest.
I became a fan and marked it as a want to read.

message 16: by Hildur (new)

Hildur Enola | 26 comments Congratulations Ashley. We featured you on our website.

message 17: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Page (Jessicapageauthor) | 59 comments Congrats Ashley! Sorry for the late response! I tweeted and added a book to my reading list.

message 18: by Cathrina (new)

Cathrina Constantine (cathrinaconstantinecom) | 36 comments Congrats, Ashley!!! I tweeted!! Much Success!!

message 19: by Ashley (new)

Ashley O'Melia (ashleyomelia) | 21 comments Thank you to everyone! I love that we can all help each other out!

message 20: by D.R. (new)

D.R. (woodhawk) | 20 comments I enjoyed your book description so much on that I purchased it. Also, your book has a four-star plus rating and with all the good will being spread here, how could I not? If I enjoy it, I'll write a review and tell my 20 grandkids to buy a copy as well. :)

message 21: by Claire (new)

Claire Luana | 18 comments Congrats Ashley! Love the cover for your book, its really beautiful. I added to Google + and Pinterest, Tweeted, became a fan and added to my TBR list!

message 22: by Kia (new)

Kia Carrington-Russell (kia_crystal) | 23 comments Congratulations! Posted to my book review Twitter page and book review facebook page

message 23: by J.R. (new)

J.R. (jr_boles) | 27 comments Congrats! I became a fan and added your books to my to-read list.

message 24: by Heather (new)

Heather (clockwork_wings) | 16 comments Became a fan.

message 25: by Ashley (new)

Ashley O'Melia (ashleyomelia) | 21 comments Daniel wrote: "I enjoyed your book description so much on that I purchased it. Also, your book has a four-star plus rating and with all the good will being spread here, how could I not? If I enjoy it, ..."

Thank you! I hope you enjoyed it!

message 26: by A.L. (new)

A.L. Butcher (alb2012) | 266 comments Tweeted (sorry a bit late).

message 27: by D.R. (new)

D.R. (woodhawk) | 20 comments The cons - I wanted it to continue on.
The pros - I gave this story a five star rating because it was surprisingly easy to become absorbed in and felt real, even though it is a fantasy.

I did not expect to enjoy this book because it is not a subject I have enjoyed reading for many years. However, O'Melia quickly draws you into her world with a character that is very real, with real life problems. Everything seems normal - straight out of any local newspaper column. Then, piece by piece, she draws you into a magical world. She is often humorous in her writing and her characters are compassionate and honorable... at least the good guys are. This is an excellent read and I'm sure it is only the beginning of a great fantasy series.

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