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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Contemporary Fiction, family drama, urban, 3+ siblings have to come together because someone has died, one sibling works in a bar, the other (a sister) works with animals in some vicinity. (Vague) Spoilers ahead. [s]

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Alison (The Lowrey Library) (thelowreylibrary) | 3 comments This book has been published fairly recently, I want to say the last five years? If I'm remembering correctly, this is a book about siblings who have to come together in Boston (I think it's Boston, but it may have been NY or Philadelphia) because someone has died, either one of the siblings or the mother. There is no father present in the story, he had already died. I do think that maybe one of the siblings died because it's revealed that the sibling was actually not a cousin, not a sibling (his mother was the main mother's sister; she went to work in a convent). One of the siblings worked in a bar, one (a sister) was either a vet or worked with a clinic maybe voluntarily? Any help appreciated.

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Lobstergirl | 37625 comments Mod
Mass market or literary fiction?
Author's gender?

Alison (The Lowrey Library) (thelowreylibrary) | 3 comments Lobstergirl, it was literary fiction. If I remember correctly, the cover was muted tones, maybe a city/house/neighborhood? Just now remembered that the son’s name was Frank.

Alison (The Lowrey Library) (thelowreylibrary) | 3 comments Juels, YES!!!! Thank you.

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Juels | 2382 comments You're welcome.

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