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Donovan | 3 comments Good evening

I have been searching for a book for many years that I read as a child in the 80s. The book was about a boy/young man who is kept in prisoner camps, I believe in Poland during WW2 and becomes friends with a guard over a few years to try and stay alive.

Towards the end it documents him going on very long walks being escorted by the German troops ,nearly dying of the cold and starvation before the Germans ultimately surrender.

Most of the book is about POW life in different Stalags. I thought the book was called "the long way home" or " the long walk home" but have not been able to find it.

Any help is appreciated

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Fiction or nonfiction?

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Donovan | 3 comments fiction

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Did you check out the suggestion @2?

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Donovan | 3 comments Ayshe wrote: "The Long Way Home maybe?"

no sorry, thanks for that, but that is not it. Its just set in the war era

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