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message 1: by De Wet (new)

De Wet | 11 comments Hi

Can you please add a cover for this book:

It is out of print, but here is a photo of the cover of my copy:

Thank you.

message 2: by lethe (new)

lethe | 13557 comments Please always link to the full page, instead of just the image. We need to be able to check the edition's details, and the website.

Theron Books, being a bookshop, is not a source we can use for covers and other book data.

Perhaps you could make a scan or take a photo of your own copy and post it to the photo section in your profile, so a librarian can grab it from there.

message 3: by De Wet (new)

De Wet | 11 comments As mentioned, that is a photo of my own copy. Theron Books is my shop. The book is out of print and the publisher no longer exists.

There is a poorer picture on Amazon which you can use, I guess.

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