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Hello this is where we can chat and such! yay!

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AG Hello

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AG I'm excited to be a mod now

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We just need an enemy for david tennant to battle and an enemy for matt smith to battle and then we can roleplay

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hud Omg! Those are amazing! Except for the end.


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I know. Matt Smith is the best.

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You should invite people you know that like dr who cause we need more peeps

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hud Yea. I just don't like, know anyone. I'll try!

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hud Just invited 3 peeps

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Do you have a good suggestion for a book report book. I just found out that we have a book report due on Thursday or Wednesday.

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hud I am Number Four. You would love it.

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Okay, thanks.

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Who Is it by? there is two.

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Hi do you have any middle school book report book suggestions?

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AG The Giver,The Hobbit,Divergent and I'm reading Little Men for school
It's not bad

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Okay. I was thinking about doing the giver before.I just wanted some input from friends. ;P

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hud I am number four: Pittacus Lore

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Okay thanks.

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AG You're welcome

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AG You're welcome

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I will think about both of those. I can do one this quarter and the other the next. It matters what one I can find

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hud Oh. In our class, we do book talks every two weeks.

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WHAT!!!!!!!! THAT IS RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!! Sorry about that. I was having a READING BREAKDOWN!!!!! I like reading but book talks every 2 weeks. That is crazy!

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hud I KNOW!!! Literally, I was up until 11 reading then did my book talks in 15 mins.

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oh my gosh that is crazy.

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You should take the poll peoples.

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I have to go soon.

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I am so happy I have an awesome group!!! And awesome mods like you guys!!!!

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Bye!!! I might be on at like 7 or 7:30 idk though. But whatever. Bye!!!

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hud Bye.

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Is anyone on right now??

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Hello anybody on?

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grace Hello! I'm Grace and I LOVE Matt Smith!

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Matt smith is the best doctor in the whole world.

lol so true

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I'm reading the giver and Percy Jackson #2(im reading the whole series again.)

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grace I love that picture.

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i know right he is the best

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I am so upset and I feel like I am going to cry! I just saw the season finale to doctor who on Sunday! I have been crying like all day!!!!!!! I hope you have seen it because the next few sentences contain spoilers! I am so sad that Pink dies and uses his power to get back the guy he accidentally killed instead of himself. I know they were probably trying to teach kids a lesson but still! We want Pink back! And I am so upset that Clara leaves the doctor only because the doctor says that he found Gallifrey but only after a misunderstanding that pink is back and with Clara. So then the doctors like "Oh okay well i found gallifrey so i am going to explore it." and Clara's like "Okay sure" Cuz the doctor thinks that Clara wants to spend time with pink but PINK IS NOT ALIVE!!!!! I am so freaking sad!!!!! I just want to crawl in a corner and die!!!!!!

this is my life right now! I am crying so hard!))
wahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! why???????????????????????????????

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Torchwood fanatic {My legs are dangling off the edge... }  | 171 comments Mod
My hope for a series finale(If they ever have one)Is that they will bring ALL the doctors companions,including K9,And enemies and just have the biggest war in the history of who EVER.

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too bad series finale is over since saturday!!!! but maybe that would be a good one for the next seasons finale!!!!

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Torchwood fanatic {My legs are dangling off the edge... }  | 171 comments Mod
I meant series as in is never on again at all.

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Oh that would be a good finale but I can never imagine doctor who ending. As I always say, "A life without doctor who, is a life not worth living."

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Torchwood fanatic {My legs are dangling off the edge... }  | 171 comments Mod
I'd be the one strangling the people to bring it back XD

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