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message 1: by Ross (new)

Ross Scott-Buccleuch | 43 comments Mod
Not to add to the swelling quagmire of pre-christmas hoo-har, but it is around this time of year that I personally begin to think of which books I can buy for the tolerable people in my life. I mean loved ones. Dearly loved ones. Ahem...
Because, beyond buying books for people, I'm stumped.
So, seeing as we have a group now, may I politely introduce to you the possibility of purchasing a Chomu title (or several) for that special person in your life that would appreciate having their literary vistas broadened this Christmas.

Consider this part of Axolotl's challenge for you to mention Chomu out there in the so-called 'real world' to those 'other people'.

message 2: by Axolotl (new)

Axolotl | 176 comments Mod
Hear, hear!

message 3: by Axolotl (new)

Axolotl | 176 comments Mod
I got a copy of Justin's book for a friend who is a graphic artist and writer recently. I mentioned One-Ball! and I am a Magical Teenage Princess to two friends at work also. But getting one for someone as a gift, a good idea which I'll have to closely consider. Thanks Ross.

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