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message 1: by Ashton (new)

Ashton Marchand (souldier) | 7 comments Hello fellow writers/readers. My name is Ashton, and I am an avid reader and lover of almost all things fiction. I have been reading, writing, and editing for several years, and am offering my free services here because I am passionate about this industry and the artists working (or trying to work) in it.

From a more formal standpoint, I have a B.A in English Literature and am pursuing post-graduate education. More importantly, I love to read, and I love to get to know aspiring authors.

Right now, I'm looking for work that is well-polished. This does not mean perfect. But, ideally the novel is complete, and has gone through a round or two of editing. That doesn't have to be the case, but it is my preference. My focus would be on providing you my insights into how I perceived the story and how I felt about the characters, the character arcs, the pacing, the style, and the overall feeling I got from the story. My aim would not be to provide line-by-line grammatical editing or feedback, although if I do feel like I have a good idea, or I notice something particularly glaring, I will make note of it for you.

I approach this process with your goals in mind. I'm not here to drastically change your story. I'd like to give you honest feedback so that you may grow as an author.

I primarily read Science Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult, and Middle Grade fiction. I do read Adult as well, but I'm not as well-versed in Thrillers, Historical Fiction, Horror or Erotica.

You can shoot me an email or leave a post below, but email is preferable.

Please include the following:
Word count
Your major goals in this process
A blurb


Let me know if you have any questions!

message 2: by Nupur (new)

Nupur Chowdhury (nupur_88) | 11 comments Hi Ashton,

I’m looking for betas for my Sci-Fi/Political Thriller (98K words).

One of the three protagonists is LGBTQ+, although the novel doesn't focus on romance.

Below is the synopsis. You can message me or email me at, if interested.

Fifteen years ago, Jehan Fasih designed a drug that could curb the instinct for violence (and rob the taker of their free will). Fifteen minutes ago, someone blew up the metro station to get their hands on his brainchild.

Jehan must make a decision, and time is running out.

Abhijat Shian and his sister Rito lost their jobs, and their family's reputation, over the course of a single week.

The reason? Their father's trusted protégé, Jehan Fasih, betrayed him and embroiled their family in one of the biggest corruption scandals the country has ever known.

The Shian siblings' quest for revenge soon turns into a murky web of confusing motives and divided loyalties. Is Jehan Fasih a genius or a madman? Is their father truly innocent or is there a trail of deceit and betrayal within the hallways of their childhood home?

The Brightest Fell is an epic tale of loyalty, treason, corruption, patriotism, and political intrigue.

When nations are on the brink of war, to be innocent is not enough...

Thanks again for your time!


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