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Setanta Grannell (clauzy) | 5 comments Showdown: The Chronicles of Forgotten City

This novel is a mild dystopian crime-thriller set in the fictional world of Forgotten City. A walled in urban sprawl riddled with crime, drugs, disease and poverty. It blends dark comic style larger than life villains & anti-heroes with elements of poor working class Dublin culture, that I like to call Dubzploitation.
Please check it out if even to just take a gander at the cover. Cover art by the talented Lorraine Osborne who I hope to work with again. Thanks in advance if anyone throws an eyelid towards it.

In a neglected city scourged by crime, a young mother of six faces eviction from the cruel authorities that run the chaotic urban sprawl. Beg, borrow or steal, she will do anything to save her family, this leads her into the path of a dangerous band of criminals, and one member of this notorious gang has a fixation on her teenage daughter. Not all is lost though, when help comes in many different guises—a shopkeeper, bounty hunter and a bank clerk who has his own beef with the same gang. In this action-packed tale of survival will a single mother be able to save her family from homelessness and her child from the clutches of a hardened criminal?

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Meg-Anne | 1 comments sounds good. on my way to check it out

message 3: by Setanta (new)

Setanta Grannell (clauzy) | 5 comments Thanks a million Meg-Anne, trust me you will not be disappointed :-)

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