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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Romance, female producer on bachelor style tv show, male hero is bachelor

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message 1: by Sara (new)

Sara | 11 comments Published 2012 or later. Probably closer to 2013-2014. The female heroine is a producer or something to do with the behind the scenes of tv shows. She gets forced into doing one that basically The Bachelor. She and the bachelor (the guy the show is on) end up falling for each other. The end scene of the books is that they are like behind a curtain or something and are kissing when he’s about to have an interview or whatever and it opens early revealing them. I remember one scene that’s like his floor where the floor is huge and fancy. Maybe the offices. And there like a fountain right outside the elevator. I do why I think it’s the third floor but I do. As I think about it I think someone might be blackmailing one of them with like video tapes or something. I can’t remember if it’s about them or about something else. This could be from another book idk. Something else I think may he from this book is that he has like a private room to himself that is where he writes music. And nobody knows about it and he gives her a key to it. At the end of the book there’s some sort of event where the bachelor guy has to go with the winner of the show, the winner actually is involved with one of the other behind the scenes people and so they switch at the ball after one dance.
There’s also something about a puppy. I think someone gets one on like a day off or something. And the puppy is always on set.
Thanks in advance.

message 2: by Kris (new)

Kris | 33251 comments Mod
A few guesses:
- To Have a Wilde by Kimberly Kaye Terry?
- Star of His Heart by Brenda Jackson?

Sara, what's the location (country/region/city/small town)?

Can you tell us more about the bachelor (e.g., his job/skills/interests, family/friends, how he got on the TV show, etc.)?

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