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message 1: by K.M. (new)

K.M. Keeton | 20 comments Thank you in advance!

* Title : Simply Sinful
* Series: Lost Angels MC
* Author(s) name(s) : K.M.Keeton
* ISBN (or ASIN) : ISBN: 9781075304378
* Publisher: Self-published
* Publication date :
* Format: Kindle, other formats upon request
* Description :
Cole ~
I only came back to this town for one thing, now that she's back, there's a chance we will destroy each other for good this time.

Em ~
As I come back to help my friend Lidia's wedding go off without a hitch, I find my own personal nightmare waiting on me. He broke my heart, I ran from home to get away from him, and now he's tied to me to ensure the success of this wedding.
* Page count :
* Link to book page which includes the cover on a NON-BOOKSELLER site:

message 2: by K.M. (new)

K.M. Keeton | 20 comments Sorry forgot to add the following:
Release Date: 11/16/19
Page Count: 158

message 3: by K.M. (new)

K.M. Keeton | 20 comments Oh and its book #3 in the series, forgot to specify. Sorry, I usually have it more together than this.

message 4: by annob (last edited Sep 22, 2019 05:59AM) (new)

annob | 1484 comments Hi, and no worries :)

May I ask if the digital version will be sold exclusively through Amazon, or listed with other retailers as well? My reason for asking is on Goodreads a Kindle edition needs to be identified with a Kindle ASIN, while the use of an ISBN13 would indicate it's sold wide and on this site must have the format setting 'ebook', not 'Kindle'.

In the meantime I added the Kindle version with its ASIN, since I found it listed on

message 5: by K.M. (new)

K.M. Keeton | 20 comments It's only on 😊
Thanks so much for your help!

message 6: by annob (new)

annob | 1484 comments Good to know, thanks!

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