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Disney_World .

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Gerik, Vicki and Her Cat Penelope, were sitting silently.
Vicki had known Gerik since she was a child and was now leaning against her brother-like figure.
There was room for three others for Vick and Erik were quiet small and taking up a small portion of space.

((Vicki is the only first year I have.))

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((Here, Disn))

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Disney_World Kassidy walks into the compartment. There were two students on one bench, so she sits down on the other. “We’re either of them first years?” She wondered, maybe one would be Ravenclaw, like she hoped to be! “Um hi!” She says to them, not wanting to awkwardly just sit there.

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Vicki just raised her head, looking at Kassidy silently ¨Hello¨ Her quiet reply was.
¨Are you a first year?¨ She asks shyly.

Gerik snorted ¨Great way to start a convo, Vick¨

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Disney_World “Yup!” Kassidy said with a smile, “And I can’t wait for school to start!”

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Disney_World ((Nope!))

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Disney_World ((I can have Ron be in another compartment and we can RP the two of them there.))

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Penelope purred, rubbing her face against Vicki´s arm.
¨Same, I´m just ready for the studies...I´ve always been a fan of learning¨

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Disney_World “Me too!” Kassidy says, “My sister has taught me some things. I can do a few spells even!” Then adds, “Just basic ones of course.” Kassidy was really proud of what her sister had taught her, even though it wasn’t much.

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Disney_World Kassidy looks up, there was a boy in the door way. “Come sit.” She says, “We have room.”

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Gerik straightened ¨Hey! Come on in!¨ He says to Josh.

Vicki smiled shyly ¨I´m not going to try and learn spells early...It´ll ruin the excitement for me¨

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Disney_World Kassidy looks back at the girl, then realizes she didn’t know the girl’s name. She says “Oh wait, I forgot to ask you your name. I am Kassidy!”

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¨Vicki¨ Her irish accent curled ¨Nice to meet you, Kassidy¨

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Disney_World “Nice to meet you too!” Kassidy says.

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¨Um....Erik?¨ She looked at him ¨Penny....she´s trying to lick you¨
Penelope was in fact trying to lick the male, His bag in the way of her.

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Vicki nodded at Josh ¨Hello, ¨

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Disney_World “Nice to meet you Josh.” Kassidy says, and pulls out a chocolate frog her sister had given her for good luck. She starts to eat it and realizes the are she got was Rowena Ravenclaw. “Maybe this means I’ll be put in Ravenclaw!” She thinks and puts the card away in her bag.

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Vicki blinked ¨Look, Josh, ´ya weird americana. I suggest sitting before you hurt yaself¨

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Vicki smirked ¨I´m messing, I don´t really care¨

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Disney_World ((Gtg, continue without me!))

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Disney_World ((I’m on.))

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