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message 1: by lethe (last edited Sep 21, 2019 06:33AM) (new)

lethe | 13559 comments It is not a GR Author. The author profile was created by the founder of the publishing house.

In my opinion, the author profile should be deleted. The one where I saw 'editor' was by a single author. Goodreads policy is not to credit editors on single-author books, unless it is a critical edition (and therefore does not concern copy-editing).

message 2: by lethe (last edited Sep 21, 2019 06:55AM) (new)

lethe | 13559 comments I think it should be deleted altogether. Whether that is merging it into the author who founded it, or deleting it from the 7 books on the profile and then merging it into NOTABOOK or Unknown or some such, I don't know. Maybe a super does :)

ETA Ah, I see it has followers. I don't know how to handle in such cases.

message 3: by annob (new)

annob | 1484 comments lethe wrote: "Ah, I see it has followers. I don't know how to handle in such cases."

I think it would be best to use the Contact Us form and ask staff to delete the profile, since it has followers but we're unsure of appropriate merge target.

message 4: by Emily (last edited Sep 21, 2019 08:42AM) (new)

Emily | 12997 comments Corinne wrote: "

I see some 'roles' as Publisher which should be removed but some as Editor which I imagine is okay."

We always prefer a human to be the author of a work if one is listed. If the publisher is the only one listed as editor, it should be removed if there are other authors listed (like a travel book edited by "uncredited people at DK Publishing" would not have DK Publishing listed above the actual authors or other editors of the book). Unless I am mistaken.

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