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message 1: by L.L. (new)

L.L. Ash (llashmedia) | 10 comments Hello!

I need 2 books moved from the wrong author name to my goodreads author account here. ASIN B07XJY881W and B079K6119J
Both are my books and you can cross check it with my Amazon account-

So, for some odd reason Goodreads made my name as L.L. Ash and my Amazon is as it should be as L. L. Ash, with the space between the L's. Every time I add a book I have this issue with it going to another account. Is there any way to put these accounts together or to make my account on Goodreads to the L. L. Ash one? I'm sure the librarians are annoyed with having to move it ever every time I release a new book!
Thank you!

message 2: by annob (last edited Sep 21, 2019 04:27AM) (new)

annob | 1484 comments Hi L. L.

Both books moved to your author page. Regarding the Rock God series, I'd be happy to set up a Goodreads series page for it if you can tell me a bit more about what makes the three titles a series. Do they share characters, or something else in common throughout the stories?

Regarding the space between the initinals of your author name, on Goodreads that is governed by site policy:
"If an author uses initials in their name, the initials should contain NO spacing between them and be marked with a period."
Full details here:

The only way I'm aware of avoiding a book being imported to an author page that exactly matches the way the name is listed on the source site would be to add the ISBN / Amazon ASIN identifier to your book record before the edition is imported. That said, moving a book is quick and easy for a Librarian, so I think it's more frustrating to authors than to us. :)

message 3: by L.L. (new)

L.L. Ash (llashmedia) | 10 comments Thank you for your help! Really appreciate it!!!

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