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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Boy Befriends Vampire, Sister Dates the Vampire. Spoilers ahead.

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message 1: by Karen (new)

Karen D’Andrea (dandreaka) | 3 comments The book is a fantasy book about a boy (maybe 12-13ish) who is really interested in vampires and wants to make contact with them. He eventually does make contact with one and becomes friends with him. Throughout the book, I remember the sister eventually meeting the vampire, falling in love with him, but then she is murdered by another evil vampire who then becomes a monster and is killed by the vampire the boy contacted. In the end, only the boy and the vampire survives.

I cannot remember the name of this book for the life of me! I read when I was a teenager, maybe 2004? The book had probably been out for a few years at least though.

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Karen Montaldi ~~
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Karen D’Andrea (dandreaka) | 3 comments No luck yet :(

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Kris | 32027 comments Mod
Karen, is this book for teens or older adults?

Is his sister turned into a vampire by the boy's vampire friend? Who becomes what kind of "monster" ("vampire sister")?

Location (country/region/well-known city/small town)?

message 5: by Karen (new)

Karen D’Andrea (dandreaka) | 3 comments It is for young teenagers (unless it found itself in my middle school by mistake :)) I honestly don’t remember the city but I do think it happened in the USA. The sister is not turned into a vampire. She is killed by the bad guy in the book who eventually turns into a deformed monster. This monster is “destroyed” by the young boy and the good vampire who fell in love with the sister (I know, I really wish I remembered their names too).

So to recap. Young boy loves vampires and manages to contact one of them. This vampire is a good guy and falls in love with the boy’s sister. The sister is killed by this vampire’s enemy, who then goes through a transformation and turns into a monster. The young boy and friend vampire then destroy this bad guy/turned monster.

I read this book many years ago, that’s why I don’t remember a lot of details.

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Kris | 32027 comments Mod
Thanks for the clarification. I added a comma to the header.

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