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message 1: by Tony (new)

Tony Morrison | 6 comments No title yet.

120k words

War is raging in Serevak with unrelenting enemies bent on total annihilation. The Glatians are an army of demonic warriors attacking a Kingdom embroiled in unrest after a usurper took the throne. While General Magnus of the Royal Irogas Army fights the war topside, another enemy rises from deep underground, leaving former allies of the Kingdom, the gnomes, to deal with the fallout. While the Kingdom faces battles on multiple fronts, seven sisters of the former dynasty are secretly being reunited to prepare to wage their own war on the Usurper King.

message 2: by Tony (new)

Tony Morrison | 6 comments Again. Sorry I have a really hard time with synopses. Condensing my work into a small chunk is my downfall. =/

message 3: by Tony (new)

Tony Morrison | 6 comments bump. No one?

message 4: by Luiz (new)

Luiz Castro | 9 comments You got no characters buddy, no feelings, no person to care about. No one wants to read a made up geography book. What ties your writing together like glue is characters we care about to stick with for the duration of the book.

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