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Gabby (gabbycd) | 88 comments Hi everyone!

As a writer and reader, I know how daunting it is to have someone new read your work, but it's also an important next step in your writing process, either in the early or later stages of your manuscript.

I have a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Creative Writing and English. As both a reader who has beta read before, and a writer who has had betas read my work, I'm confident in giving you detailed honest feedback in the most constructive way possible.

I'm most experienced with YA, but can read and enjoy middle grade, New Adult, adult fiction. Romances are my favourite!

Head over to my fiverr account to see what I offer or for more questions: or comment below

I charge $8 AUD per 10,000 words. I can give you feedback within a week, either through instant reactions using track changes, and/or a separate summary at the end.

I hope we can work together to make your writing the best it can be!

message 2: by Jay (new)

Jay Storey (jayallanstorey) | 80 comments Hi Gabby,

I'm looking for beta readers for my new novel: Black Heart : Arrival - the stunning sequel to my acclaimed novel, The Black Heart of the Station.

Genre: YA/Scifi, Word count: 61k

I'd just like basic comments on the story, characters, pacing, whether there are holes in the plot. Also, since I've never written a sequel before, I'd like to know if I've included enough about the world in the story for people who haven't read the first book.


The Station, a city buried deep beneath the surface of a frozen, lifeless earth, is only months away from completing its centuries-long mission to return to its original orbit around the sun.

Seventeen-year-old Trajectory Specialist Trainee Trudy Barnard is studying to join the elite group that control the planet's movement. Though she's a brilliant student, Trudy is haunted by her illustrious pedigree: granddaughter of one of the Station's greatest heroes, and the daughter of its most powerful figure.

Trudy discovers a snippet of code hidden in the trajectory software that would obliterate the Station at the moment of Arrival. When Mission Control are unable duplicate her findings, they accuse her of grandstanding, trying to grab attention.

Ordered to drop the issue, Trudy instead ignites a firestorm that pits her against the governing Council and her own father when she hacks into the Mission Control system itself, searching for answers. In a desperate race against time, and targeted for death by an unknown enemy, she struggles to unravel the mystery.

But can she unlock the secret in time to save them all?

If you're interested, let me know how much you would charge. You can contact me at:


Jay Allan Storey

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