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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Contemporary Romance/mystery - Heroine goes to work dinner/party with boyfriend and discovers him cheating with co-worker and helps out new love interest to spy on them. [s]

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Terri | 341 comments I read this book about 5 yrs back originally, and have re-read it probably a couple of times, but can't seem to remember the name now or find it on my lists.

The girl gets home from her job and has to go to her boyfriend's work function but she doesn't want to. It is for the owner's birtdhay I think and the co-worker is the step-granddaughter. She meets the grandson and later ends up playing squash in the basement with him before dinner. She ends up in a office after dinner with the grandson when she see's her boyfriend and the co-worker making out. The grandson and grandfather convince her to help spy on the couple through emails and stuff for wrongs against the company. The Grandson and the girl get toghether and she helps get the co-worker for a couple of different crimes. (some from the past against the grandson)

TeriD | 114 comments Undercover Love by Lucy Score sounds like your book.

Terri | 341 comments Absolutely is! Thank you. Undercover Love by Lucy Score

TeriD | 114 comments Enjoy!

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