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Charisse Moritz | 101 comments Hi everyone! As a debut author of a mature YA romance novel, Shakespeare Burning, I'm actively searching for reviews. I'm happy to provide an epub, mobi or a kindle edition. Anybody interested in a free copy? My email is Since I can't offer chocolate and wine to tempt you, I've included a brief blurb:

He’s the boy who wants to disappear.

One mistake and seventeen-year-old Shake LeCasse lost everything. Now there’s no going back and no way to move forward. The once-popular Varsity hockey captain is living in the basement of a grandmother he barely knows, ditching school, avoiding friends and working hard on self-destruction.

She’s the girl nobody sees.

Cleo Lee survives however she can. Lie, cheat, steal, whatever it takes, and saving Mr. Popular isn’t part of the plan. Telling him the truth about the night that destroyed his life is downright dangerous. She needs to keep quiet, be smart and let the guy she’s been half in love with since middle school throw away a future she’d do anything to have. Too bad she sucks at playing it safe.

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Jdlreads | 32 comments Hi! may I know the word count and when do you neet the review? :)

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Charisse Moritz | 101 comments Approximately 63,000 and no due date on the review. Just trying to get my book in front of more people, get feedback and hopefully generate interest.

JenniferJ | 5 comments Charisse I'd be happy to read and review for you! Can you provide Mobi format? My address is

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