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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Halloween illustrated children's book. Siblings can't pick perfect pumpkin. Find jack-o-lanterns on porch later as surprise.

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Jenny (jennywrennn) | 1 comments I used to read this book/have this book read to me as a child in the 90's, possibly very early 2000's. It was a children's halloween picture book. It was about a brother and sister I believe. If my memory is correct, the parents take the children to choose pumpkins to carve for halloween. The younger sibling finds one easily, but the older sibling spends so much time trying to choose a perfect pumpkin that he can't pick one and goes home without a pumpkin. He's very disappointed, and his little sibling offers to let him help carve hers but he mopes about and refuses. Then later on, the younger sibling goes out to the porch and is shocked to find their whole porch has been covered in jack-o-lanterns, all shapes and sizes and different faces - she calls her brother outside to see and he is overjoyed to find all the pumpkins on his porch, carved for halloween. My memory may be a bit off on these plot details but that's the gist. My whole family remembers reading this story at halloween time but no one remembers what it was about or who it was by. It was a very special tradition to read it and when we moved houses a few years ago we lost a few of our halloween books including this one. I've been trying to find it for years now with no luck!

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I removed the ALL CAPS from the topic header/title. (It looks like shouting.)

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Rainbowheart | 19036 comments Might want to check the Best Halloween Picture Books list.

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