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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Young adult book about a girls mother going missing , thought to be dead, and her search to find her, while suspecting that her father had murdered or kidnapped her, I read this in 2015 or 16 at my highschool library in Canada, Spoilers in comment

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Meagajn | 1 comments lives on a farm, I’m pretty sure there are a few paragraphs about hiding behind/in a tractor and/or her dad trying to run her over with a tractor.The daughter remembers an old family cottage they used to go to as a family when they were younger and decides to go there with one of her friends.
The girl goes to the family’s cottage, finds her mother there tied up and the mother said that the father had kidnapped her and goes there every day to see her (not sure why he did this I think she wanted a divorce but he didn’t want the rep maybe??)

Anyways the dad shows up and there’s a fight that ends with the girl pointing a gun at the dad in front of the lake by the cottage (there also is a guy dead in the lake that I’m pretty sure was the daughters friend that tried to help and the father killed him eaither by shooting him or strangling him) and I’m pretty sure the dad has a gun as well and she’s begging him to drop it or not come closer because she will have to shoot him but he does whatever she told him thot to and she screams “daddy” and cries while she shoots him, I’m not sure if he does or not but that’s how the ending goes

Jessica (The Psychotic Nerd) (goldenfurproductions) | 397 comments I don't remember the ending of this book, but maybe What She Left Behind?

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