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message 1: by Jazzie (new)

Jazzie B (melaninuncorkedbookclub) | 82 comments Mod
This discussion post is for the rest of the Speaking of Summer book.

Please feel free to use this to speak freely and ask any questions to the other members.

message 2: by Jazzie (new)

Jazzie B (melaninuncorkedbookclub) | 82 comments Mod
Okay, whew!

I am on Chapter 18, page 180 where the detective is telling autumn that he is really not a detective, and that she has been delusional this entire time. We spoke about this at the book club meeting, and how we thought she had some psychological stuff going on with her. Now I see that it is true.

What were your thoughts when Chase "left" (because at this point, I don't even know if thats true) and what were your thoughts when Montgomery started to spill the tea on what Autumn really has going on?

I had to stop to write this, because I was in awe.

message 3: by Jazzie (new)

Jazzie B (melaninuncorkedbookclub) | 82 comments Mod
This book is getting good. It does suck that it took that much time to get some substance, but I can see where Kalisha was going with it. She had to drag it out, in order for us to see the whole picture.

I just finished Chapter 20.. and her and Raymond had a long 3-day escapade. I low key wish I can disappear for 3 days.. not with coke though.

I’m surprised something didn’t click for her when he said he didn’t know she had a sister, and she was really the artist. I’m ready to finish this book now, but I got some stuff to handle.

What are y’all thoughts on Raymond? And summers current state? Is Cathy real?

message 4: by Shelly (new)

Shelly | 23 comments Once I figured out what the authors message was and that it was geared towards mental health I don’t know if I feel that she gave the topic due diligence. I feel like while reading the book we were dragged in many directions that weren’t needed if overall education of mental health was the purpose. I don’t know, I feel like the story could have been portrayed in so many other ways that could have made it way more interesting. What are you guys thoughts.

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