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the_rabid_snail | 95 comments Mod
Please fill out and post this form if you are interested in being a mod.

Been a mod before?:
If yes, list groups:
What will you do to help the group?:

message 2: by Aphromisna (new)

Aphromisna (bopbear1324) | 23 comments Username: Aphromisna
Been a mod before?: Yes?
If yes, list groups: A Hunger Games RP that is no longer around,
The Hunger Games~A Roleplay,
20 Years After Mockingjay Ends, and a couple others on here. I also half mod a couple of roleplays on Discord. I say half mod because there are no open slots available but I do have the authority to tell people to stop or ask an admin to have a person kicked if needed and am trusted within that community to have people come to me with their issues.
What will you do to help the group?: I will be a fairly active member of the group and will be able to watch over things, make sure it all goes smoothly and do other modly stuff. I can also contribute ideas and help others when Snail or other mods aren't around. I have a pretty open schedule aside from Mondays and Wednesdays and will be around often.

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