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Her Highness, My Wife (Effingtons, #5)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Princess searches for jewels with husband. [s]

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Shon'Tel Daley | 2 comments A princess got married to a commoner without her families knowledge. Her husband is part of a league of inventors who are trying to invent air travel(air balloons). He used to be a naval captain. He is of high birth but he keeps it secret from her till his family reveals it much later in the story. She left him one day with a simple letter explaining that her duty calls. She has been gone for years and returns out of the blue one day requesting his help to travel the countryside incognito in order to find royal jewels that her ancestor had hidden from enemies years ago. They visit various homes of friends of the family and those who knew the ancestor. They succeed in finding the jewels and returns them to the crown and the princess decides she would rather be with her husband than live apart from him.

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Mai | 1254 comments Searching "romance" "novel" "princess" "commoner" "her family" "the jewels" this book came up:
Her Highness, My Wife by Victoria Alexander.

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Shon'Tel Daley | 2 comments Yes thank you. Idk why I couldn’t find it. Thank you so much

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