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Kat the road leading to camp half blood and will lead you to half blood bill which is the entrance.

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Kat *hill

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Kat as Vada was driving to this so called “camp half blood” for “greek demigods,” her Auntie Vay was telling her about being a demigod. Vada sat and listened closely, “so your saying i could be killed at any time by a ‘monster’ so i’m going to a camp where i’ll be safe?” her aunt nodded. “and that i won’t get to see you anymore? i have to live here? because i’m the daughter of some ‘greek god’?” Vada frowned and turned to her aunt for an answer. “honey, you can come visit me and your dad a couple times a month maybe and you wouldn’t be safe at home anyway. i’ve seen monsters stalking you lately, i’m surprised they haven’t attacked.” Vada nodded. “also honey, there’s lots of kids there anyway who were probably just as confused when they got there. i don’t know who your godly parent is, but she should claim you sometime soon in the future. the man who runs the camp is a centaur actually named Chiron, the one from the myths. he’s trained lots of great heroes including Achilles. and the god Dionysus also works there sometimes as punishment from his dad Zeus. but call him Mr. D if you see him. dont ask me how i know all this.” Vada shrugged, “i don’t know if i want to know,” she responded.
just then Vada looked out her window and saw a horse with wings on the side of the road. “whatha... auntie are you seeing what i’m seeing?” her aunt responded, “we must be getting close...i won’t be able to take you much farther because i’m a ‘mortal’ ok? i’ll tell you what to do.” Vada again nodded as she stared at the pegasus.
then as the reached an ending to the road, vada’s aunt looked at her and put her hand on her shoulder. “ok, here’s the farthest i can get. mortals can’t get across the border without special permission. so keep walking up on past this road and you’ll see a hill, theres a massive statue of a lady on it and a big pine tree. ok? once you get to the top you’ll see the whole camp. go to the big house which you’ll be able to see from there, it’s near the bottom of the hill. i want you to knock on the door and told Chiron or Mr D that Vanessa sent you and tell them your name ok? alright, it’s time you get out now.” Vada nodded and hugged her aunt. “bye auntie vay. love you. will you call soon?” she nodded. Vada grabbed her duffle bag and headed towards half blood hill. she waved to her aunt. as she neared the large hill she saw a massive statue on top and she got excited as she usually did when doing new things. she grinned, “this should be interesting.” then she mumbled, “i might die soon.”

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Disney_World ((Woah! That’s a LOT!))

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Kat ((yeah.. XD))

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Disney_World ((You did a good job! I like it! :D))

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Kat (thanks! :))

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