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Camp Half Blood Locations > Thalia’s Pine and Golden Fleece

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Kat where the border begins

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Kat you can rp here, it’s just another location at camp half blood

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Kat Vada reaches the top of the hill with only her duffle bag on her shoulder and a water bottle in her hand. ((it’s a hydroflaskksksksksk XD.)) she gasped as she saw the big pine tree with a dragon curled around it. it was protecting something, a golden fleece. The golden fleece! she realized. James? Joseph? no, Jason, yeah that was it. she’d taken a greek mythology class earlier that year. then she looked at the massive ivory and bronze 40 foot statue of a woman. woah. she figured it was athena, goddess of wisdom and warfare. ‘wow can’t believe i remembered that’ she thought. then she looked down at camp. bigger woah. she took a big deep breath as she looked around. she saw lots of cabin looking things and big structures, then a forest, a lake, hill sides, the beach. it was beautiful. she got to live here! maybe this ‘training’ wouldn’t be so bad. then again, it could be terrible, and i could die. she had a tendency to ruin a good moment. she began to descend the hill and approached the ‘Big House.’

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