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Kat south of the cabins. you can get any weapons and armor here

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Kat as Vada and Chiron approached the armory, Vada noticed the dining pavilion in the distance and realized she was starving. after dinner last night she hadn’t gone to the singalong, she was too tired and confused. she figured she would have to wait for lunch to eat again. her stomach grumbled but Chiron didn’t seem to notice. They entered the small armory and Vada looked around at all the armor and weapons. she looked at Chiron, “well?” she asked.

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Kat Chiron replies with a smile, “well what? look around, what appeals to you? most choose a sword, some choose dangers. what about you?”

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Kat Vada looked around and put her hand on her chin as she usually did when thinking. she looked at the swords, then the daggers, then the bows, she noticed an old sturdy looking bow, with a little gold on it. she picked up the bow and examined it. it felt right in her hands, “i want this one.”

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Kat Chiron raised his eyebrows, “that’s said to be the bow of Odysseus.”

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Kat Vada looked at it again, “like the odysseus?” chiron nodded. “cool.”

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Kat Chiron then said, “yes it the one he shot through all the axes i believe when he came home to his wife Penelope to prove it really was him with his mad archery skills. anyway, yes you can choose that weapon, but, you also need a sword for sword practice, all demigods need to know how to wield a sword.”
Vada nodded

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Kat vada said, “ok.” she picked up a sword, “this one?” chiron nodded and told her it looked about right. she examined the bronze sword and ran her fingers along it. “i want to make a change to my schedule.” she pulled out the piece of paper. chiron nodded. “instead of swimming at the lake at i believe 11, i would like to take archery.”

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Kat Chiron nodded, “ok, that works, you can swim during you’re break, it’s good exercise. i’ll tell the instructors. you’ve got you’re sword? and bow” vada nodded, “alright you’re all set let’s go back to the arena.” chiron led vada back to the arena.

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Disney_World Destiny brought Rose and Skylar to the Armory. She opened the doors and said “Pick any weapon you want!” Rose looked around, there were so many weapons to choose from! She eventually picked up a small dagger. Destiny nodded, it looked like a nice sturdy dagger. “Nice.” Destiny said and turned to Skylar who was carefully putting her hand on each weapon. She settles on a small sword, or a big dagger. Destiny said “Good one.” They left and headed back to the Hermes cabin.

Mahalia Lily, Queen of the Shadowhunters! Bella and Trixy entered the Armory and stared.
They had never seen so many weapons before!
Trixy trailed her hand along the rows of swords,
but felt that she didn't want a sword.
She eventully found a very small double-headed axe.
She held it, then she spun it up into the air and caught it.
"Perfect. Absolutely PERfect." She said, grinning and turning to her sister. "What about you?" She asked.
Bella was humming to the tune "Angel Eyes" by ABBA.
"I'm not so sure..." She said, absently, going deeper and deeper into the back of the Armory. "Well, hurry up, anyway!" Said Trixy impatiently. "Sigh, I don't know." Said Bella. "I'll come back later. She said.

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Kat ((i love the song angel eyes, from mamma mia!!!!!))

Mahalia Lily, Queen of the Shadowhunters! Wait. Are you a fan?

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Kat oh yes

Mahalia Lily, Queen of the Shadowhunters! YAY! A kindred spirit!

Mahalia Lily, Queen of the Shadowhunters! When Bella and Trixy came back to the Armory they were arguing. "Well you didn't have to come with me you know!" Bella was saying angrily. "you could've gone to the practice arena with your boyfriend, Chiron." She taunted. "What! He's NOT my boyfriend you ****!" Trixy screamed "If you don't want me then fine. I'm going to go and have fun, make some friends and maybe even find an actual boyfriend, while you stay here for the whole week trying to find a weapon that is so unusual, that no one has actually ever seen it before! Then you can do your favourite thing: show off and embarrass me!" She screamed. And she stormed off.

Mahalia Lily, Queen of the Shadowhunters! Bella ran to the back of the Armory and sank onto a chest. "Why does she have to be so mean?" She sobbed. Then she heard voices. She stood up quickly and scrubbed at her eyes. Who were they? She wondered.

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Disney_World Rose walked up to the Armory alone. Skylar was “too” busy to spend some time with her exploring camp. Once inside she was amazed! There were real blades and arrows that could kill. She walked around a pile of swords and saw a girl in the corner. She looked upset. She had probably gotten into a fight with someone, when she was walking up she heard yelling and some girl rush out of the Armory.

She would’ve gone to find the girl, but she would probably get lost trying. Rose wished she could help their problems, she was pretty good at that. But if things went wrong, she could then have two people who hated her. That would not be a good thing happen on your second day of camp!

Mahalia Lily, Queen of the Shadowhunters! It was a small, skinny girl, with short blond hair, wearing a CHB t- shirt and jean short and a small backpack.
"Um... Hi." Bella said awkwardly.

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Disney_World Rose turned to the girl, she had turned away to look at some weapons. “Oh hi!” She says smiling, maybe she could make some new friends already!

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Disney_World ((nvm, I’m here.))

Mahalia Lily, Queen of the Shadowhunters! "So... what's your name?" Said Bella nervously. Could this girl see that she had been crying? She really really hoped not!
I'm Bella, short for Bellarintina.

Mahalia Lily, Queen of the Shadowhunters! She stared expectedly. She seemed like her type. Maybe they could be friends? She really hoped so. As much as she loved her sister, she was getting tired of running around after her.
It would be good to have her own friend!

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Disney_World “Cool! Nice to meet you!” Rose said smiling, “I’m Rose, short for Rose!” She laughed, she loved to joke around sometimes.

Mahalia Lily, Queen of the Shadowhunters! "Haha nice to meetyou" she said, trying to put on a brave face.
"Have you chosen your weapon yet? she asked while looking at a row of swords

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Disney_World “No, I am here for one now!” Rose says, “Any recommendations?”

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