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The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood

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Aleena Wallace During last summer, I watched a TV series called Alias Grace, which was based off of a book written by Margaret Atwood. Because I enjoyed watching Alias Grace, I decided to read The Handmaid's Tale. In this story, Atwood describes a society where women, known as handmaids, are only valued if they are able to have babies. These handmaids are only allowed to exit their houses once a day to shop for food. Throughout the book, the main character, Offred, has flashbacks to when she lived happily with her husband and daughter. While reading this book, the reader wonders if Offred will ever be able to escape the Commander and his wife and see the outside world once again. I would recommend this book to my friend Hannah because she always tends to read dystopian novels.

Jovan I read it last year. I was in local library (in Eastrn Eur), looking for some female author so I pick up this book. I have never watched TV series HANDMAID‚S TALE.

Jovan This year I pick up Alias Grace and I like both books together with some short stories of the same author.

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