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message 1: by Gemini (new)

Gemini Jensen (authorgeminijensen) | 5 comments Hi! Just had my cover & blurb reveal recently and need to add them.

I already set up the book for readers to add to their TBR.
Thanks so much!!!

Title: Bad Apple

Author: Gemini Jensen



Senior year is supposed to be the time of your life. Keyword: Supposed.

But I’ve just been shipped off to a new school. Sentenced to hard time deep in the heart of Hicktown, USA.
I left everything behind—my friends, my girl, my band, my ambitions.
Besides graduating, I thought there was nothing left to strive for.

Then, I meet her...
Pretty. Preppy. Popular. Basic.
Most importantly, daughter of the enemy.

And now I have a new vision...
Rip away her crown.
Knock her off her pedestal.
Wear her down until she’s stripped bare.
She has no idea what’s coming for her.

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and the Creed family tree is full of bad apples.
But me?
I’m the most rotten of them all.

Note: This is a full-length novel that ends on a cliffhanger. Book two will be releasing before the end of the year, and can be pre-ordered at the release of Book One.

This series deals with subjects that may be uncomfortable for some. This duet in particular contains flawed characters that may be hard to swallow. In other words, if you are a safety reader, or have disliked “Bully” stories with crude anti-heroes in the past, this may not be the book for you.

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Gemini Jensen (authorgeminijensen) | 5 comments Accidentally copied the wrong url 😳

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Gemini Jensen (authorgeminijensen) | 5 comments BUMP

message 5: by Emily (new)

Emily | 13538 comments Done

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