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message 1: by Troy (new)

Troy Osgood | 10 comments So I'm going to be reading lesser known series for awhile. Always see the same ones get mentioned in recommendations so I figured I'd check out some of the lesser known ones.

That started with Enora Online (really started with Travail Online but that was awhile ago, I'll get back to that one).

As a writer, I'm going to avoid comments about the production/craft of the book (grammar, pacing, etc..) and instead focus on the stuff I like as a reader.

Overall I enjoyed this. Good setup for why the MC is trapped in the game, why the game world exists. The setup is a bit different from most. Good characters although the two main female characters can be a bit too lovey and are quick to bond with the MC. At times it felt like it was setting up to be a harem but it avoids that.

There is some sex, but it's fade to black (mentioned but not described). The MC is a tad OP and has a lot of luck on his side, but that gets explained a bit in the end.

I listened to it on Audible and the narration was okay. Nice differences in the character voices. Except for the MC. Sometimes when the narrator used the "stat voice" it carried over to the MC's 1st person narration.

I'll be checking out the rest of the series (4 books with the last out in the beginning of July 2019). It's deserving of more attention.

message 2: by Wolkenfels (new)

Wolkenfels | 3 comments Sounds good - I will look into it.

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