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Mr. Pool (Dead) | 91 comments Mod
Its like a performing center for the privileged.

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42 was pacing slilently. Watching the butterflies flutter around aimlessly. She was known for heading to the gardens whenever she had done something wrong or something she didn't like.
Her blonde hair was back, the feedback of everyones brains ringing in her head loudly.

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Aakash (aakashthedreamer) Steve was following the strange girl. He was of course not in Captain America costume otherwise the following would have been impossible. He had seen her doing some strange tricks but the question was Is the girl as innocent as she looks or Is there something malicious hidden under the beautiful face? Whatever the case he has to talk to her.

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((I'm going to bed, I'll be on tomorrow))

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Aakash (aakashthedreamer) ((Ok))

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She sat suddenly, pulling out a book from her bag. The woman had an anxious and scared expression as she waited for a certain something.
"I can hear your thoughts, Mr. Rogers" 42 muttered, just loud enough for him to hear. Suddenly, Steve would hear a shrieking feedback loud enough to temporarily stun him.

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Aakash (aakashthedreamer) Steve was a little surprised to hear that he was caught but suddenly a loud noise exploded inside his head. It didn't hurt much but it was enough to cause a temporary distraction for the girl. She started running.

"Stop. I don't want to hurt you. " Steve shouted.

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((Didn't see this, sorry.))

42 tripped, flying forward and rolling to a stop "Are you kidding!" She grumbled and got to her knees scrambling backwards.

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Aakash (aakashthedreamer) "who are you? " Steve smiled. He wanted to act sternly but it was hard after seeing her beautiful and innocent face.

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"None of your business, Mr.Rogers" 42 stood and brushed herself off "Just leave me alone" She says shortly "It's a waste of time to try"

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Aakash (aakashthedreamer) "Well it's my duty to protect this city and I haven't decided if you need protection or others need protection from you. So don't make it hard and introduce yourself. " he said sternly.

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"My Name Is Forty-Two. Don't try to understand why." 42 muttered "Now will you leave me alone? I've done nothing wrong"

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Aakash (aakashthedreamer) "If you haven't done anything wrong then why were you running? " he asked.

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"You would too if a man a foot taller and a hundred pounds more began talking" 42 muttered

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Aakash (aakashthedreamer) He was thinking about what to say when an explosion took place.

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42 yelped, covering her head involuntarily
"Holy crap! What's going on?"

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Aakash (aakashthedreamer) Steve scanned the area and found the centre of explosion.
"You stay here. I will take care of it. " he said and ran towards the explosion.

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42 scoffed and followed. "nope!"

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Aakash (aakashthedreamer) They both reached the spot. The ground was scorched. A robot was firing randomly at people. Mostly the area was empty but still two people were on the ground and others were running.

"Protect the people and I would take care of the robot. "

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42 nodded once, looking at Steve before doing exactly what he said.

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Aakash (aakashthedreamer) Steve regretted his decision of not bringing his shield. He could have used it and ended the fight in few minutes.

He ran towards the robot and kneed him on his metal face. It stung him but not that much as did to the robot. It fell on the ground. He jumped on it and grabbed both of his metal arms. He took them off of the robot. The robot turned and headbutted Steve. Steve groggily got away. The handsless robot advanced and kicked him.

"Enough. " he muttered annoyed. He punched hard on the Robot's face and them elbowed it on the forehead. He grabbed the robot's head and decapitated it. Red lights started flickering from the head.

"Holy shit. " Steve grumbled. The head exploded.

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Fort-two, in the heat of the moment, decided to make a dome around herself and countless others, including steve "Idiot! Don't you know that's prone to happen?"

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Aakash (aakashthedreamer) Though Steve was saved by major injury but still his ears were ringing from being so close to the explosion.

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She shook him, dropping the dome ¨Get up! you´ve got to go!¨

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Aakash (aakashthedreamer) "Is everyone okay? " he asked.

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¨Yes, idjit, everyone is fine" 42 muttered and stepped awaay from him.

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Aakash (aakashthedreamer) "'Whoa, you look like you can use some rest or you did great captain' that were something I was hoping to hear not 'idiot'. " he smiled.

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42 rolled her eyes ¨You´re an Idjit captain, you did great¨ She mocked him softly, swaying slightly ¨Why´s the room moving?¨ was the last thing the woman says before falling back onto the ground.

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Aakash (aakashthedreamer) "Hey, hold on." Steve cajoled. He leaned and shook her softly.

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42 laughed, eyes fluttering ¨Sorry¨ She slurred ¨Sometimes this happens.¨

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Aakash (aakashthedreamer) "You okay? " he asked.

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