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Jambalaya, anyone?

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Sitting in the dark room of the old motel, Wade watched through the fabric of his mask as the two men in front of him conversed. He had been tied up like this for hours, stripped naked except for his mask and the Rainbow Dash boxer briefs he'd been wearing since last Wednesday. The ties around his wrists were a thick para chord, and he knew he wasn't about to bust out of them solely upon his strength. So instead, he had kicked back, relaxed, and starting humming quietly to himself while the two men went at it.

"Do you know who this is?!" The taller man screamed, gesturing to Wade.

The other man shyly cringed at his anger. "I 'fought he was just 'anudda Shield guy."

"You stupid fudge."

"He didn't say fudge." Wade clarified to the readers, for whom the role play will be somewhat filtered.

"Hey, Ralphie?" Wade interrupted, hopping closer to the men on the chair and panting heavily. "I don't know if you've heard of me- the names Deadpool, I'm just looking for a good time."

Both the men looked at him shocked.

"Shut up!" The taller one punched him across the face, knocking one of his teeth out.

"You cusser!" Wade spat a mouthful of blood and frowned. "I have yearbook pictures in an hour!"

With that, Wade leapt forward; breaking both of his arms and disconnecting them from his shoulders as he swung the chair behind him and brought it down across the taller of the men- knocking him out cold. As he did his wrists broke as well, and his mangled hands slid through the restraints.

"Give him the chair- give him the chair!" He chanted playfully, dancing around the unconscious man.

"Oh shi-"

Before the shorter man could finish his no-no word, Wade 'did merrily leap' upward and roundhouse kicked him right out the window of the motel room. The glass shattered as the man fell three stories to his death.

"Oof. Sorry readers. That got a little violent. I promise, I was just here following a lead is all. Did not mean for that to happen." Wade tried to shrug, but then remembered his arms were completely useless. "Good thing its just my arms! These goons though... I'm offended. Thinking I work for S.H.I.E.L.D? I mean... Do I look like I work for S.H.I.E.L.D? Really? They clearly haven't read my Tinder profile. Now... Where'd they put my super suit. I'm nothing without it."

[If you're unfamiliar with the nature of Deadpool, he often breaks fourth wall and addresses the readers. I will continue this tradition, as Deadpool is nothing without it. It is not however, a typical role play behavior.]

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Yelena Belova had decided a visit to New Orleans would be beneficial. There were so many different inspirations for clothing for her lingerie business. Yelena brushed her hair back and wore a simple red dress with shorts underneath in case she needed to fight but she hadn't fought a single person in years. Or that's what she would say if you asked her.

Yelena happened to walking past the hotel when a man crashed through the window three stories up. She paused a moment, red heels halting on the pavement, as she looked up. What causes a fight in New Orleans that would lead to some falling out of a window?

Drunkards most likely.
Yelena didn't move, however. She just watched the door of the hotel silently before she walked inside to the main floor and looked around the dinghy place.

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Wade (who had now found his suit and managed to squeeze inside of it-) was starving. He’d been held up by the two men all night in the least enjoyable of ways.

“Why?” Wade smiled, and again addressed the readers. “Well look, those mother cussers happen to work for one of the worst, excuses for a human I’ve ever met. This guy, is an absolute douche. His name? Renee Partsouf. Right? What a douche name! What’d he do? Trafficking, gun trade, milk before cereal... anything ungodly you name it. He’s been in my radar for months since I cheated him out of a car and a hooker in a game of blackjack. Now? Well now I’m gonna kill him. Funnily enough, when S.H.I.E.L.D caught wind of this, Fury actually contacted me. Cute, right?! Hah! Anyway. I hope this place has a free continental breakfast.”

Wade climbed into the elevator at the end of the hallway, and whistled quietly as it descended to the lobby floor. The little old lady next to him didn’t mind, but instead smiled at him, infatuated for the duration of the ride.

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) ((Best line milk before cereal. . . anything ungodly you name it. XD At this point, do Yelena and Deadpool know each other or no?))

Yelena found that, even though it was nothing compared to some hotels she's been in, the hotel's rates were pretty low for breakfast in the morning and drinks at night. Even though her company was booming, she was here as low-profile woman and booked a room for the three nights.

Yelena was signing the correct paperwork, when a man in a red and black jumpsuit walked out of the elevator. She raised an eyebrow, know immediately that this man was responsible for throwing a person out of the window, but finished her paperwork.

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((Let's say they heard of each other, and like... seen each other on the news and stuff. But never met.))

As the door to the elevator opened, Wade was filled with relief as he'd be cutting anxiety farts since they left floor three. The lady with him had either a horrible sense of smell, or just didn't care. Either way, Wade wanted out. It smelled horrible.

"It's been fun Gram-gram." He slipped out quickly, pushing the up button as fast as he could and watching as the old lady was locked back inside the elevator and taken back up to every floor Wade had pushed the button for. Which was, of course, all of them. "Well, there's my good deed for they day-"

He turned around to view the lobby, and as the police tore through the front doors in response to the call about a man being thrown out a window- they immediately rolled their eyes.


"No-" Wade stopped them, and out of the corner of his eye noticed a figure he only recognized from headlines and a few photo-shopped calendars. "I'm gonna put you boys on hold. Thanks for the opportunity to do your job, once again! Bye-bye!" He waved cutely as he whispered the final word, and then dramatically scoffed as he turned towards the woman and began walking towards her. The cops, carried on.

"I can't believe it's actually you. I'm definitely not your biggest fan, but you could say I'm your average-est fan. The names Pool. But you can call me Dead. Or big D. Just not Deathstroke. I HATE it when people call me Deathstroke." Wade looked to the readers and sighed. "Uncultured swine."

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) ((Got it!))

Yelena raised an eyebrow as she took her card back from the receptionist. She laughed softly as she put her card into her wallet and replied, "I have no clue what you mean by Deathstroke but I am pleased to meet you Mr. Pool."

Yelena looked over at the police before speaking again, "Exactly why did you throw a man out of the window?" She recognized his name and suit but only from hear-say and a few S.H.I.E.L.D. files. Yelena did not often associate herself with mercenaries, just organizations that used spies as tools of death and organizations that wished to advance mankind through technology. She currently wanted nothing to do with either and just live her life but she knew one day she would be called back to the battlefield. Yelena just hoped it would be beside Natasha's side.

((Does Deadpool react to readers? Because I can post my reactions to this for you to go off of.))

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((Umm... Haha. If it feels right he will. The rules will be very loose with him. Probably not. He will address them but probably not react too much.))

"He threw off my groove." Wade smiled beneath his mask, looking the woman up and down. At this point, Wade noticed the receptionist was staring at them both, very clearly intent listening in on the conversation. "Hey, umm... Excuse me, Wallflower? I'm sure you're nice but mommy and daddy are gonna talk for a minute. Do you mind?"

The receptionist stared for a minute, clearly shocked by his abrasiveness, and then with a huff turned and walked into the office in behind the counter.

"So. Yolanda- Yvonda? Putin? Whatever it is. Did Fury send you? If he did, run back and tell Master Windu that he already tried- I don't work for S.H.I.E.L.D. Aight? If I wanted to join an organization, I'd join P.E.T.A, and fight for something that really matters. Humanities right to whine for no reason- WHATSOVER. So let me sum this up- I am not looking to be recruited. I've done the team work thing before- it did NOT end well." At this point, Wade shivered from head to toe. "Holy @%(#! Deja vu."

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) ((Kay, I might write then. XD))

Yelena had laughed when Deadpool told the receptionist to scram but she grew slowly serious when he spoke about S.H.I.E.L.D. and soon frowned, still a beautiful woman when she frowned but her expression took an icy tone. Yelena was silent for a moment as Deadpool shook before she spoke softly, "You need not panic, Mr. Pool. I am not here from S.H.I.E.L.D. nor from any sort of team or organization of any kind. I am simply here on a business trip."

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"Ohh!" Deadpool excitedly clapped his hands and then raised a finger to his mouth. "Shhhh... What kind of business? You don't really give a 'marketing' vibe. You here to knock knuckles?"

"To the readers, that was NOT an innuendo."

He wondered what the spy could be up to- having heard enough about her to know that whatever it was... it was a type of business that most of the best trained agents in the world were unqualified for. Ilvanka, or whatever her name was, he couldn't remember, was good.

"Sum it up baby doll- who's the target?"

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Yelena rolled her eyes, exasperated. "I am not here to assassinate anyone, Mr. Pool. I am here to find inspiration for more clothing in my lingerie business. I no longer involve myself in any sort of spy or assassin," she explained with a slight smile. "No one pays enough anymore, among other reasons." No one can hire me with my skill set for the proper price and I am tired of being used. At least assassin skills come in us for marketing and using employees.

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"There are- SO many things you just said I absolutely love." Wade gasped dramatically, and looking around the room as if to ensure secrecy, leaned in closely and put his hand to his mouth to whisper, "No one pays me enough anymore either- that's why I rob them."

It was a simple truth- "Hey!" Wade interrupted the reading. "Look, I get it. You're judging me for being a 'bad guy'. Well guess what?! I'm a good guy! I just do good guy stuff, in a Richard Nixon sort of way. Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled program."

Being this close to Yirvna? Yistrada? Sarah? Whatever- really made Wade realize how little he knew about her. For he was very close to her at this point- so close that his nose was almost pressed against hers. He stared beneath his mask for a moment, and then sighed. "You smell like the type of woman who would have a lingerie business."

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Yelena had been about to speak when he decided to speak to the thin air. She had read that he was rather. . . . eccentric and decided that as long as it did not make him attack her, she would not say a thing. Ever since the radio message the world has gone still and silent as if it's holding its polluted breath. With no one hiring for a proper price, it is a perfect time to begin anew. But I find that every night and every day that I miss the thrill of the hunt and the satisfaction of the kill.

I refuse to be used ever again by any side.
Yelena frowned when Deadpool invaded her personal space. "And you smell like a man who hasn't taken a shower in at least twenty-four hours so," she said softly but firmly as she pushed Deadpool back with her finger, "refrain from staying in my personal space. Now," Yelena flicked her hair back before speaking once more, "I am going to get some breakfast. You are welcome to join me."

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"Breakfast sounds delicious." Wade was actually starving, and looking forward to any food. He thought of several quips about his being in her personal space- but shrugged them off due to the distraction of food.
"Think they have a taco bar?" He checked his 'Hello Kitty' watch. 8:15. That's not too early for tacos.

"I also expect to hear more about this lingerie business," He couldn't drop it.

Renee Partsouf sat on the back of his mind, but he figured an hour or so this morning wouldn't change much. The knuckle-cuss was probably sleeping in or getting laid in some 'parlor'. As far as Wade was concerned, the trafficking business hours were 10:00 A.M - 6:00 A.M leaving him with more than enough time to grab a bite to eat. Besides. He was hungry. he'd save who he could, when he got around to it.

((Where are they eating? Haha. I was gonna direct it there, but didn't know if you had a specific thing in mind.))

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) ((I was thinking the hotel but wherever is fine. Should I post or let you lead?))

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(( You go ahead!))

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) "Of course you do," Yelena whispered though she was smiling slightly as she lead the way to the hotel buffet.

There were very few people in the dining room. There was a mother with her two twin boys, an old man sitting in the corner of the room and reading a paper, a young brunette who was busy using her food and was only eating fruit.

Yelena went to the end of the buffet to grab a plate and slowly walked down the table and chose her foods.

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As she walked towards the hotel buffet-

"Can I just say thank God for breakfast buffets." Wade interrupted the writing.

As she walked towards the hotel buffet Wade followed behind, closely enough to stay in range of the scent of her perfume, but far enough away to have a good view. The smell of hotel bacon got him going in a wonderful kind of way as they moved into the kitchenette portion of the lobby. As Yelena began to prep her plate, Wade simply skipped the line and began the process of making a waffle in the hotels waffle maker.

It was at this point, he sensed something was wrong. The sirens outside had stopped- and there were voices coming from the other side of the blurred windows. French voices. Evil french voices. Of course, Wade didn't speak french. But they sounded particularly douchey.

"Partsouf you pig-fuc@#r. I just wanted a waffle."

Despite how often Wade's opponents seemed to end up naked during their fights, he far too often forgot to check for wires or taps- and a gunshot from outside followed by a scream confirmed it to him. They had come for him. And not in the fun way.

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Yelena looked towards the sound of the gunshot before she spoke in an even and not quite surprised tone. "The French men outside are here for you, correct?" she asked as she looked at Deadpool, raising an eyebrow and looking as if she was trying not to laugh.

The other people jumped in their seats but it was only the mother with her twins that went back to her room. The others didn't seem all that bothered.

Yelena set her plate down as she waited for Deadpool's response, suddenly very much aware of her gun in its holster on her thigh.

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"No they're here for the fuc#(ing eggs!" Deadpool threw his head back and groaned; somewhat annoyed by the room's sense of apathy towards the fact that they were all about to potentially die. "Of course they're here for me."

It was at this point, that the first two men tore through the front door of the hotel and brought down the receptionist with a shot to he head. They were dressed darkly, but casually- wearing blacks and grey's. Instinctively, Wade picked up the waffle iron and threw it across the expanse of the lobby sending it crashing into one of them and dropping him to the floor. "I prefer mine soggy-"

The second one immediately began to fire at Wade- who took three bullets to the gut and then sighed. "I really need to get this cleaned." A couple more men burst into the hotel behind, and began to open fire on the few civilians in the lobby.

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Yelena drew her gun when the first man fired and slid to a table. She tipped the table to create a shield to shoot from. Deadpool might have accelerated healing but she did not. Yelena fired two shots at the goon closet to the young woman since the man had been far enough back to escaped through the kitchens.

The young woman shrieked and dodged but rather than run, she hid under the table.

Yelena sighed. Now I recall why my days with the heroes never lasted long. She continued to fire at the men and planned to do so till she ran low on bullets. "Why are these men after you this time?" Yelena asked, knowing that this must certainly not be the first time.

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"This time?!" Wade screamed, now throwing the nearest serving spoon at another one of the goons- and watched it lodge about four inches in the mans chest, before the raised a gun and began to fire. "This time?! You think this happens a lot?!"

"It does." He took the time to explain.

Another bullet landed on Wade's chest. "I want my swords!"

In his very most dramatic display, Wade pulled two butter knifes from the utensil cup nearest him and took off towards the men- wielding the knives like he did his katanas. He got shot a few more times sure- but brought the first knife up against one of the goons throats- and then sent the second through the skull of the one with a spoon in his chest.

"See! Size doesn't matter!" He removed it from his skull, and looked back at Yelena. "Domo arigato!"

Taking his eyes off the lobby door for only a second, would screw him over. Two more goons ran in, and one of them threw a small disc onto Wade's back- that shocked him so greatly he fell to the floor; temporarily paralyzed.

"Ow ow ow ow ow!" He twitched on the ground. Despite his best efforts, he could not move. The men grabbed him and began to carry him away.

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) ((Are the 'good' guys supposed to win or do you have something planned?))

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((No clue I'm just going. Haha. To quote Troy, "This could be the start, of something new."

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) ((Kay! I'll be on again later today.))

Yelena muttered a few chosen Russian words under her breath before she jumped over the table towards the thugs and shot two in the head before she engaged in hand-to-hand combat. Yelena had not seen these men's combat skills as much as she had wished but if they were true to their ranking, they only knew boxing and firearms.

Yelena employed her gymnastic skills and Bokator skills as she kicked one man in the head and then used her momentum to spin and kick the second.

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"Wow. You're like a physical manifestation of Oprah's verbal fire. Hooah." Deadpool was still paralyzed for the most part on the ground, the remainder of the shocking effect leaving his system slowly. No more goons were entering, but there was still the sound of more vehicles approaching from outside.

"I'm not gonna lie. I'm feeling all the bad kind of tingles- and for you readers, some good tingles too."

He craned his neck to look at Yelena, and sighed. "Help a guy get up, will ya? Sometimes we need a little help."

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) ((Ha! Orpah.))

Yelena sheathed her gun before looking at Deadpool and sighed. "If you tell anyone about this. . ," she muttered before putting one of his arms over her shoulders and lifted him up with only a quiet grunt. Yelena was thankful for her training but had wished the Red Room had treated her the same as Natalia. "Where's safe?" she asked him as she started to walk to the back doors.

Natalia was always the perfect one. She passed everything while I was deemed to 'volatile' and 'hard to control'. At least I managed to my will. . . to some extent.

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Without thinking, Wade sunk into her neck like a puppy and exhaled. "In your arms seems like the safest place to be, my lingerie entrepreneurial amazon."

Despite the fact that he felt his motor skills had returned for most of his body, he pretended to remain limp- partially because he enjoyed being carried, and partially because he wanted to see to what extent Yelena would be willing to actually carry him.

He was aware that there were surely men stationed outside, probably snipers. If Partsouf had even half the resources Wade anticipated, there was a small army outside waiting for his exit.

"I'm thinking, probably nowhere."

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Yelena looked disgusted but didn't move him. "Then we'll go to the basement. Few windows, thick walls, good place to plan," she said before heading to where she had a very good educated guess the basement door was. Yelena didn't say anything, knowing that she did not know much about her enemy and only needed to get Deadpool to start ranting before she knew all she needed to know to fight back properly. There are innocents upstairs, the police have most likely been called, but the enemy will not let Deadpool get away so easily. D**m it. Why did I have to come in here?

Yelena was right about the basement and looked at Deadpool. "Can you walk yet?"

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"Great a basement." Wade forced an audibly fake laugh, and stood up without assistance. "Not a fan of basements- unless they're neon lit, filled with booze, and smell like the cleaning lady's name is Glitter."

Wade thought he'd argue, but then instead simply agreed and followed Yelena towards the stairwell in the corner of the lobby. The people that still remained in the lobby were screaming or crying, frantically collecting themselves and running out- only to run back in at the sound of gunfire. "Well, I'm leaving a horrible hotel review on Yelp. This place in an absolute sty."

They two entered the stairwell and began to climb down the stairs. "Hold the phone Daria Strokus. Why are you even helping me out?"

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Yelena paused and looked at Wade with a raised eyebrow. "Because they interrupted my breakfast," she said simply before giving a decent explanation. "I could a chance to use use my skills, keep it fresh, and as long as those men are out there, I assume that citizens are in danger. I am trying to turn over a new leaf. Is that a problem?"

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"Not a problem!" Wades voice cracked as they arrived at the bottom of the stairwell. "Not at all."

He opened the door into the basement to find that it was a large boiler room, filled with storage boxes, a water heater, and several decommissioned hotel 'decorations' that were piled up against the walls.

"Wow this place is way more of a hole than I expected. Why'd we come down here again? Were you just trying to get me alone?" He teased, walking into the dark basement to get a better look at everything.

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) "Being alone with you would be last thing I'd if I had a choice," Yelena said flatly as she walked around and counted the windows. There were only a few not boarded up but each window gave a very good view of the surrounding areas. "The basement is a well fortified room to count the enemy and plan," she added once she found all the windows. "Ten snipers, five trucks of men, and three men stationed at the three doors out."

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Wade had now made his way to an old, broken lobby chair in the corner and was sitting with his feet propped up- completely disinterested in the scene playing outside.

"Do you see a douchey looking guy, about 5 11", bald, probably wearing a white suit?"

"For the readers explanation- this 'douchey looking guy' is Partsouf, and like I said- he's an absolute pig-fu@ker. I've only seen him a handful of times, and every time he's been in white. I wanna make it red. With blood. In case that wasn't clear."

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) ((That was very clear. XD))

Yelena stared at Deadpool for a very long moment before walking to the windows again. She found him standing out front. There had been a small hole in the board blocking the window. Yelena watched him for a moment before returned to Deadpool. "Out front, seemingly waiting for you. The hole is big enough for a bullet to pass through. I have the skills to take him out with a single shot," she told him as she drew her gun.

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Wade stood up extremely abruptly and shouted. "Don't you dare. I wanna watch the light fade from this guys eyes. I wanna smell his final, fiery, french breath, and hear his consequential moaning... I love to hear them moan...." He trailed off in this manner for several seconds, pacing back and forth and then raising a finger excitedly.

"Eureka! Yoltara, darling... I'm gonna need your help. What do you say you and I form a little alliance. Stop a bad guy. Save some kids. You know, good guy stuff?"

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) "Only if you get my name right," Yelena answered with a nod. "Remember and use my name correctly, then I will help you stop the 'bad guy' and protect the innocents," even though they are far from innocent.

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"Oh I'll get your name right," Wade grinned. "When you remind me what it is because I won't lie, I've completely forgotten."

Wade began to scour the room frantically, throwing pieces of decoration across it as he looked; as if he were disparately looking for some very specific piece of equipment.

"Tell me, you're Russian yes? Do you know how to make a bomb? Also, can you speak french?"

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((Sorry its been SUCH A BUSY WEEKEND.))

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) ((Ya fine.))

Yelena sighed before speaking. "My name is Yelena, yes I am Russian, yes I can make a bomb, and yes, I can speak French among at least thirty-two other languages."

She dodged some pieces of decoration before she watched Deadpool closely. Yelena frowned in thought, wondering what plan he had up his red sleeves, and also wondered if she truly wished to know what his plan was if it involved understand French and assembling a bomb.

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Wade stopped cold as he stared outside one of the low windows- and with a very animated laugh, waved to someone outside. "So, good news. There are not nearly as many of them as I thought there would be."

Wade paused for a a minute, counting one more time in his head. Two SUV's, four gunmen, and the Devil himself. Partsouf. It could have been much worse. One of the men had two dogs leashed at his belt, and seemed excited to release them into the hotel.

"Bad news?" He continued to wave. "They clearly see me, and despite my friendliness I believe are still completely intent on my death. These windows... What're the odds they're bullet-proof?"

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Yelena was slowly starting to believe that Deadpool was an idiot. "The odds that basement windows being bullet-proof in a civilian hotel?" she asked very slowly. "Almost non-existent."

Is the only reason this man is alive is due to his accelerated healing rate?! If this Partsouf does not succeed in killing Deadpool, I might by the end of this. Yelena shook her head before speaking. "Why did you wish to know if I could make a bomb?"

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"Well I figured if you knew how to make a bomb out of a water heater, some old decorations, and a recliner- we just lure them all inside-"

The first of the bullets broke through the window, as Wade ducked and stepped to the side.

"And make the hotel go boom-boom?"

Wade knew this blast wouldn't cause him any long lasting damage, but had failed to consider that Yelena had no healing capabilities.

"Excuse me?" Wade raised a finger. "I'm aware. Fully aware."

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) "Well are you aware there is a high probability there are civilians still in the hotel?" Yelena asked as she moved herself to a safer place. She made sure to keep an eye on Deadpool but was very much aware of her surroundings and where the men were outside compared to her position in the basement.

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