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message 1: by Katharina (new)

Katharina Münz | 3 comments First, the blurb:

Stately, wealthy, a boat builder who knows his craft. Óskasteinn Eysteinnsson, called Osk, could be the happiest man on Gotland - if his mother wouldn't bedger him with the desire for a daughter-in-law, befitting Osk's status.
Hending Brekisdottir has completely different worries. Contrary to her expectations, a handsome Norwegian could set her heart on fire. But secretly, without her parents suspecting it, the merchant's son demands knowledge from his future wife - whom Hending does not have by far.
Could Osk of all people, who is building a new ship for her father, be a good teacher for Hending?

I'm Katharina Münz, German author of 10 published books.
My next one is to be translated into English, for which I need native speakers as beta readers.

I'd like to offer you the first two chapters, if you liked it, feel free to aks for more.

message 2: by Tammyl67 (new)

Tammyl67 | 5 comments Hi, I would love to read for you. Let me know exactly what type of feedback you are looking for, i.e. only language?

message 3: by Katharina (new)

Katharina Münz | 3 comments Hi Tammy!
Oh, that sounds really good!

My manuscript has been beta and proof readed in German, already, so I hope that they catched all logical faults - but the more eyes watch, the better!

I've used a tool that was recommended in one of the beta readers' groups for enhancing style and grammar.

So I hope that it's some kind of readable.

Shall I dm you?

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