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message 1: by Tessa (new)

Tessa (trisstessa) | 587 comments Mod
Happiful lists five kinds of vegans:

1. Ethical
2. Plant-based
3. Raw
5. Environmental

Do you fit one of these labels?

message 2: by Tessa (new)

Tessa (trisstessa) | 587 comments Mod
I'm an ethical vegan!

The more I learn though, the more I'm also sort of an environmental vegan, but the animals have always come first for me. I think I might unintentionally be a high-carb, low-fat sometimes and plant-based if I need to get my diet in check.

I could never be a raw vegan though!

message 3: by Ayoola (new)

Ayoola | 48 comments Environmental/ethical vegan. I am VERY against diet culture, so I really don't care to cringe at stuff like fruitarianism, low-carb, keto, low-fat, alkaline, etc. etc. As long as no throats were slit to make my meals, and they are tasty, it's all good, in my book.

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