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S.R. Arturia (srarturia) | 3 comments Dreambound

Hi all :)

I think you girls(and guys) around here might like hot stuff combined with romance and an immersive fantasy world found in Dreambound. Available now on Amazon and on kindle unlimited!

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To save her home, family, and herself, a hopeless optimist must bind her fey-lover as tight to her heart as his hands bind her.

Laika accepted thralldom to save the family tavern. But when she learns she’s been double-crossed, she runs. Lost in the woods, hunted by a sorcerer, and far from home, she meets Calitorn.

Calitorn is an ancient king of the forest, the creator of many fey and beast. He guides his retired kin to the Dream. Soon is his time to follow them. Plans change when a lost human captures his curiosity. Calitorn helps Laika escape, but brash use of magic backfires and nearly kills him.

To save them both, Laika utters his truename and binds their souls. Together, they embark on a journey against her would-be slavers, his own sister, and desires that neither has the will to fight.

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S.R. Arturia (srarturia) | 3 comments Touch of Mirage: A High Fantasy Romance Adventure

Beautiful fantasy desert, an adventure for a myth, and a hot simmering enemies to lovers pairing. I think ya'all here would love my recent release!

Oh! And the previous book is on sale for 0.99$ until end of Black Friday week!

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He must catch a living myth.
She wants to sabotage the mission.
It’s the worst time for romance.

Nilidh failed to slay the Iron Mistress who destroyed his homeland; she made him her slave. To earn his freedom, Nilidh has to guide a human on a myth-hunt across the ruins of Sandsea.

Alsir, daughter of the Iron Mistress, is done being a puppet. She plans to earn herself an exile by sabotaging the quest. Until, that is, she finds her guide is a distractingly handsome fae with snark to match hers.

Sparks of desire and enmity ignite between them on an adventure with mix of mystery, steamy romance — and a desert teeming with magic and danger.

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S.R. Arturia (srarturia) | 3 comments Cursed by the Stars by S.R. Arturia

Cursed by the Stars is my latest standalone dark fantasy romance, where a sweet couple is pushed through a grinder of struggles as a part of epic plot. I had a ton of fun with the world and characters and hope some of you will as well :)


Stars are Gods and angels their monsters. A paladin falls for the criminal his deity wishes to execute.

Parant carries an angel of the Sun King inside of him, but it can’t replace his friend who died to earn him that blessing. When a fellow paladin offers him a secret mission to find The Tear of the First Sun—an ancient magic of resurrection—Parant doesn’t hesitate. He will stop at nothing to get it. And then along comes this clever ball of joy who ignites a desire brighter than the Sun King himself.

A thief with morals, Tatala and her friend Inqvan steal from cultists of the Nightmare Star. And she gets caught. Execution threatens her and Inqvan, unless she accepts a suicide mission to steal an artifact from the governor of an enemy state. Secrets are being kept from her, but she can’t help but forgive the tormented hottie of a paladin acting as her escort.

Divine entities, old allies, and corrupt powers test their relationship. Ultimately the two must decide whether the price is worth it, in the struggle for resurrection and romance.

Amazon link

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