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message 1: by Katharina (new)

Katharina Münz | 2 comments Hi, lovelies!

I'm looking for some beta readers for the translation of my next book.
I'm new in this group, so first, let me introduce me:
I'm the German author Katharina Münz
I've published 10 books in German language, merely in the genres new adult fiction, viking romance and fantasy fiction.
For my next book, I plan to have it translated into English language, because I had the possibility to engage Tibor Pusch (an internationally known Viking reenactor) for book cover model.
Thus, I need native English speakers for beta reading.
Is anyone here interested in that?

Book's genre Historical viking romance fiction
Word count at the moment 44k
POV details: First-person, alternd between his and her POV.
Kinds of sex scenes: steamy
Level of violence. non
Any possible triggers readers should be aware of: if someone doesn't like cats it's not good
Number of betareaders you want 2

Indicate if you're open to getting feedback on just part of the book. Yes

Below the blurb:
Stately, wealthy, a boat builder who knows his craft. Óskasteinn Eysteinnsson, called Osk, could be the happiest man on Gotland - if his mother wouldn't bedger him with the desire for a daughter-in-law, befitting Osk's status.
Hending Brekisdottir has completely different worries. Contrary to her expectations, a handsome Norwegian could set her heart on fire. But secretly, without her parents suspecting it, the merchant's son demands knowledge from his future wife - whom Hending does not have by far.
Could Osk of all people, who is building a new ship for her father, be a good teacher for Hending?

Here's the photo that will be basis for the bookcover

message 2: by Tori (new)

Tori | 1 comments Hi, I would be interested in beta reading your book. Please feel free to DM me.

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