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message 1: by Elspeth (new)

Elspeth | 5 comments I read this about 15 years ago in school. It was about seal hunters in Newfoundland and based on real events. It focused on how hard life in the Maritimes was and how fishermen would have to hunt seals in the winter when it was too cold to fish. I believe there was a shipwreck at one point.

I remember being really grossed out with it because it was very pro sealing and described it in detail. I'm wondering now if I wasn't mature enough at the time and would like to give it another shot.


message 3: by Elspeth (new)

Elspeth | 5 comments No it was more recent than 1914. More like the 80s or 90s. But thanks for looking!

message 4: by Angela (new)

Angela | 425 comments Wake of the Great Sealers by Farley Mowat, maybe? From Kirkus:

"Mowat, a long time lover of the frozen North has collaborated with artist David Blackwood on this stunning requiem to the Newfoundland fishermen who harvested cod and seals from the islands and bays of northernmost Canada. Some families followed the big ships and the storied captains for seven generations though now it's mostly the legends that survive."

message 5: by Elspeth (new)

Elspeth | 5 comments No it was more recent than that too. It was more like a day to day look at the lives of fishermen/sealers and how dangerous their lives are.

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