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Manuscript in need of a once over

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message 1: by Nathaniel (new)

Nathaniel Jones | 1 comments Hello Everyone. I have a manuscript that I would love to get the ball rolling on so I can get it published and move into my next project (of many). I have yet to send this to an editor and although I have done some self-editing I feel I need some fresh eyes on this. So going through the list:

1. Type of manuscript?
- Novella/Novelette
2. Genre (if any)?
- I say adult fiction with a touch of supernatural but honestly I haven't settled on that answer.
3. How many words?
- 14,229
4. Any special requests (cultural sensitivity check, continuity, what the hell am I writing??)
- Honestly the "what the hell am I writing??" part rings true. I have also had a hard time writing a "breife" synopsis on this story.
5. Turnaround time?
- As soon as humanly possible.

Thanks in advance for considering looking at my manuscript. I've currently chosen the title of "Tethered" however that is subject to change.

message 2: by Jodee (new)

Jodee (jodeezle) Nathaniel,

I’m assuming since this post was 1yr ago that someone helped you out. If you are still in need of, or will be in the future, someone to read your work please feel free to contact be. I’ve done the same kind of thing for a couple of other authors.

Best of luck,

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