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Here we are:

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Kai was sitting in the forest, the summer air blowing through the area roughly.
She snarled and looked around, hair going in her eyes. The girl had dropped her book and was currently trying to see.

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Apachwarriorbunny (apachewarriorbunny) | 292 comments Mod
Dante was just talking a stroll with no care in the world. It was awhile since he meet anyone of his kind. He was getting a bit hungry. He stop lower his body be get a better smell of where his good is at.

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((I'm starting over here)).

Dante was near a river waterfall. he was laying on his stomach drinking the water.

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Shadow walked up to the lake and drank some water. He needed energy for the big competition that was going to happen.

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Dante lift his head looking at shadow. swaying his tail lower his ears.

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Shadow was drinking his water when he saw someone looking up at him. He turned and stared into his eyes then looked away quickly.

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Dante stop every muscle worry maybe this boy will attack. His tail tail oh so lightly tap the ground. his his was flatten on his head. He kind of want to know where he came from. His been a loner since his pack been killed off by hunters.

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Shadow looked at him again with his icey eyes and then drank his water from the pond. He just wanted the day to be over.

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Dante narrow his eyes seeing the beauty in the boy. At the same time he can tell he was straight. He got up slowly wanting to leave knowing this other boy will not talk to him.

(sorry for very simple post. I just have to get a fell for the character chemistry)

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(No worries)
Shadow was happy when that wolf left. He didn’t want to talk to anyone even though he was a loner and needed a pack.

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Dante want a mate and a pack. He already qualify for being a alpha or the leader of hunting pack. He sway his tail seeing rabbit and deer. He stop to think what he want. He was so hungry he hadn't eat for a week because he was sick for a awhile. He look one way and title his head in the other way.

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Shadow looked up to see the wolf looking for food and ran towards him to push him over, after all he needed to look like a leader if he wanted to be the head of the pack.

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Dante got up his balance and shake his head and wonder what the hell was his problem. He decide to go for the buck that wasn't very close his scent tracks further than most wolf can smell. He took off Showing all his tail. He hasn't had much control over his powers yet. When he goes hunting or running off the tail comes out.

He ran after this buck. he had no idea their was a alpha bulk and stronger that was a bit further but he couldn't scent. Right when he got to where the buck was he scent the other.

He try to stop right when he did stop the other buck saw him coming. he was already charging after Dante. he slam his horns in Dante.

Dante grit his teeth barely dodging in but was graze by the horn. Right on his lower side of boy and his hind leg. He turned did his thing and quickly killed the buck that attack him.

all the other deer was terrified and took off. He made sure everything was gone not even notice he was bleeding. But Dante don't really feel pain when his in the middle of like threatening.

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Shadow snarled as he went back to the pond and sat down.

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Dante walk back to the river throw the buck at Shadow. "Show it off. I know you want to out did me but that be a bit hard to do that."

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Shadow didn’t respond because he was annoyed and continued to drink the water. ‘Yeash, what it with these wolves now a days all they talked about was who was the stronger one.’ Shadow thought as he licked his paw.

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Dante growled in anger loudly, 'What the hell! Look man my entire pack is dead by human Hunter and their slave werewolves. I was about to take over my own pack. I'm not cocky I just know what to do and how to take care of others. Please I was suppose to have my own pack but before that happen. the night when I was about to see my mate and make her mine and become alpha partner we were attack. Even though I am gay I was still force to do what an alpha has to endure for their pack.". When he start to think of the past he start to get tense but at the same time he was getting weak by the blood he lost.

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Shadow looked at the Wolf’s mad face and smiled, he loved it when the other wolves got mad at him and he didn’t even do anything wrong, I mean what was he supposed to do when the wolf was about to charge at his friends. Shadow finished licking his paw then looked at his eyes.

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Dante was about to talk but turned around walk off with a bad limp. He snarl under his breath by this other male wolf and because he was hurt by a stupid weak buck. He was so done with it why was he fighting to try make his own pack. It was useless.

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Shadow heard the snarl but ignored it. He looked for something to eat since he hadn’t eaten anything except for basil. (The plant not the wolf) he looked around and found a deer that was limping away. Shadow quickly and quietly went near the deer but hid for awhile until the time struck. He came out and bit the deer which fell over and collapsed. Shadow checked for his heart but there was no heartbeat, good he thought as he ate up the deer piece by piece.

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Dante saw a large tree and decide to lay under the tree. He curl up and close his eyes the pain was unbearable but some rest he get better.

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Shadow chewed slowly and quietly until he was done. While he finished up he said sorry to the deer and done a ritual for the deer because he had died a brave death.

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Dante drift in a deep sleep. He start to dream about his past again. He had whimper in his dream almost Everytime he sleep.

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Shadow finished then saw a wolf whimpering in the shade. “Hey, you all right?” He asked.

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Dante whimper got louder his lightening start to flicker around like in a few second. He jolt up eyes widen in fear.

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Shadow saw his eyes in shock. Shadow smiled warmly at him.

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Dante saw Shadow smiling at him for some reason. He look away blushing deeply. No one ever saw him like this.

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Shadow left and went back to the pond. Just as he thought, he had made a new friend. Shadow left with a flock of a tail then sat down next to the pond.

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He liked his paw then drank some more water.

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Shadow looked into the water to take a look at himself and wondered how he looked. He smiled as his fur moved with the nice breeze that has kicked in. He felt happy for once and smiled as his reflection, it had been awhile since he had been alone and had some alone time.

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Dante slowly got up and went to the pond to drink water. He glance at Shadow wondering if he should leave or try to make friends with him.

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Shadow slowly frowned when he sensed another wolf and drank some water.

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Shadow didn’t want any wolf thinking he was soft on the inside. He stood up and looked for something to hunt. He looked around and then found something, another wolf. It was just one wolf so that was good.

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Dante look up at shadow wondering what is this guys deal. He took a deep breath and heard something his ears wiggle a little wondering what it could be. The rabbits and deer he scent earlier was long gone. He couldn’t under the scent it almost had just a dull of nothing but it was there near by.

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Shadow looked up and saw his ear move. He stopped, he knew that he was stronger then him so he sat back down and drank water.

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Dante allow all his tails to come out in total they were about 13 of them. He look around allow his tail get the breeze though the fur each tail could give him certain detail about what is around him. Like one tail already can make he understand that’s it’s not a creature it is a human. The rest do take a while because he has practice this power very much. His lightening start to flicker all around his tail and paws.

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Shadow approached him gentle.

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Dante quickly turn his attention on shadow realizing he might be showing his power with out wanting too. Dante put his nose on Shadow nose showing that he knows he is there and that he won’t harm him.

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Shadow wanted to jump but he nuzzled noses with Dante.

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Dante look at Shadow and sway his tails happily. His electric went away. He kind of forgot about the scent and whatever it was when Shadow muzzle back.

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Shadow liked this wolf because he was powerful and strong.

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He looked at him and then his eyes started to grow dark blue. He was beginning to turn into his true self.

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Dante look at the eyes and want to snuggle him more. Dante eyes start to turn bright but dark red. His alpha start to show toward the other wolf.

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Shadow’s fur darkened as the clouds above begin to rain. His ears and tails turned the darkest while the rest of his body turned a lighter shade of black. The only thing that wasn’t black was his eyes.

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Dante away his tails again. His body was getting excited and step towards Shadow and lick his nose. He rub his body against Shadow.

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Shadow stepped back as he started to growl at Dante. He was turning into evil Shadow and he didn’t like it.

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Dante swap his tail side to side not understand what is happening or what to do. His ears perk up all his tail flick up tenseing his body with guarding himself on whatever is going to happen.

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