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message 1: by Kevin (new)

Kevin (kevingchapman) | 23 comments I have updated my book cover on to add an award badge. How do I update the cover on Goodreads so that the "new" cover shows up when people see it. Thanks for your help.

message 2: by JJ (new)

JJ Coetzer (yennorks) | 288 comments Hi Kevin.

Please give a link to the book here on GR and Amazon

message 4: by JJ (new)

JJ Coetzer (yennorks) | 288 comments Alternative cover edition added:

message 5: by Kevin (new)

Kevin (kevingchapman) | 23 comments Thank you so much!!

message 6: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 41704 comments Mod
Changes reverted. The new cover linked on Amazon was for the Kindle edition. The book linked (and changed) on Goodreads is the paperback.

Covers may only be added (including for ACEs) when the ISBN or ASIN matches.

message 7: by Kevin (new)

Kevin (kevingchapman) | 23 comments oh, bother. sorry. I just want the thumbnail image to be the updated one (that's the Kindle edition). I have not updated the hard-copy cover (yet) on amazon.

Here's the link to the kindle edition on Goodreads.

message 8: by Emily (new)

Emily | 13013 comments I've added a new edition for you:
Here is how to make it the default edition that shows up in searches and on your profile:

message 9: by Kevin (new)

Kevin (kevingchapman) | 23 comments Great. Thanks. I set the Kindle edition with the badge on the cover as the primary edition. Your assistance is very much appreciated!!

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