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Blood: (Pure-blood or was turned if so when)

Appearance: (human form........the wolf can be a wolf or half-human and half-wolf)









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((Thanks for joining the group))

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(( Np))

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Austin Full Name: Victor Kalashnikov
Appearance: description
Personality: Kind to werewolves and cruel to humans. He is straight forward and wants the best for his pack. He wants to protect his wife and their children

Gender: male
Age: 21
History: He was born into a remote tribe of where wolves. He and his younger brother where raised side by side and had a good relationship. Their parents where kind and fair. All that changed when father died. He and his brother where forced to fight for dominance to see who would rule the pack. Victor lost and was forced to leave. He wandered a bit before deciding to make his own pack. Eventually he infected his future wife and the entire hunter academy, making them his new pack.

Sexuality: straight
Relationship Status: single ready to mingle

Likes: Werewolves, good looking women, women werewolves
Dislikes: Hunters, magic, change.

Strengths: Loyalty, strength, cunning and team work
Weaknesses: large boobs, large asses, tails, kisses, beautiful women
Powers/Abilities: none
Species: werewolf
Pure blood.

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Austin ((sorry if it is too sexual I can remove things if need be.))

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((nah your good just wondering pureblood or was turned))

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Austin Ok I added it

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Austin thanks

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Where do you guys want to start rping....I have a wolf ready to rp!

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Austin I dunno my dude is looking for a mate and a nice secluded place to turn humans.

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We can do a small town that is surround by woods. But, the town is pretty lively. Where most people try to run from their past or problems. Like place for anything that can happen.

I make a character for your male

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Austin cool we can do that.

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Yes I am a mod and make a little bending of things for certain character if i feel like it will benefit my member and the group

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Austin awesome that is the best way to do it.

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Name: Karma Peace

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Personality: When you first meet her she is shy and keeps to herself. But, you miss with her in the wrong way she can be very fisty and someone you will not want to F* with.

Blood: PureBlood




Crush: Victor *its a secret*

Mate: Wants one


Sexuality: Straight


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Austin your second link is broken

and who should post first?

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The second link doesn’t work ugh I find another link

I start first

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Austin ok feel free to post then.

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I posted already

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Name: Evelyn Rose (call me rose)

Age: 18

Gender: female

Personality: Outspoken, loud, little bossy, loves to talk. Bad self esteem

Blood: Pure blood


History: Born with two werewolf parents but they both died in a battle with rogues. Is homeless now and is on her own. Stealing for a living

Likes: Books, food, the color black and purple,

Dislikes: change, negativity, rogues

Crush: open

Mate: open


Sexuality: Straight

Strengths- Kindness, wit, agility, flexibility
Weaknesses-attitude, my mouth, kisses, cuddles, nibbles on ear

Powers- can ignite flames from hands that is deadly, can change appearance

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Faith I need you get a pic of her wolf form

Also you didn’t not get approve please wait to be approve before posting on rp

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Apachwarriorbunny wrote: "Faith I need you get a pic of her wolf form

Also you didn’t not get approve please wait to be approve before posting on rp"

When can I rp

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Apachwarriorbunny wrote: "Faith I need you get a pic of her wolf form

Also you didn’t not get approve please wait to be approve before posting on rp"

All the rp is U and the guy

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You now approve

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Name: Shadow

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Personality: Kind, Brave, Strong, Trustworthy

Appearance: Black and White with gray paws, black and white eyes, (before he was colorful and happy)

History: He is an only child and lives with his parents. He is very bold and will take any risk if its to save a friend. He has strong feelings for Snowy and wants to be her boyfriend. He grew up in the forest and made lots of friends, but one day when he hangs out with his friends there is a fire and his closest friend Chris dies in a fire. He then becomes the black and white wolf he is today. He comes back and his home is burned to the ground as well as everyone one of his friends house. He searches for his parents but can't find them. He leaves and runs away from his childhood place and reaches the Texas forest.

Rank: None

Pack: *If you have one* Is in a pack with Dante

Mate: None

Crush: Snowy


Sexuality: (optional but, would help other rpers) Straight

Likes: The color yellow, candy, and dark magic

Dislikes: The color red, studying, and video games

Powers: To control control other wolves, create magical items, and stop time ( sorry if that's too many powers)

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That is shadow

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your good approved

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thank you

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Name: Kai Lancster

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Personality: Kai is jumpy and by jumpy I mean extremely jumpy. He is shy and keeps to himself. Kai is easy to make flinch with simple actions such as a high five. He is also easy to make blush. Kai has an anxiety problem and is constantly looking over his shoulder. He is also depressed but hides it extremely well by hiding himself of putting on a fake smile. He was verbally abused as a child and tends to say that he weak or things along that line. He is very sensitive of his body, if someone happens to catch him with out a shirt he’ll start to have a panic attack and will tell them that the scars littered allover his small figure are ugly. Kai will sometimes freeze in the middle of doing something then snap out of it and continue, it is believed this is because of stress, physical-emotional and mental pain, and depression that has surfaced.

Blood: PureBlood

Image result for chandler riggs

Image result for black wolf

Once there was a 15-year-old boy, he would be bullied at school and hid father was abusive and would beat him for the littlest of things. He learned to cook and fend for himself at a young age but never fight. Often bullied at schooling abused at home the boy grew more depressed as the days went on. After seven years of putting up with the abuse and bullying, he started self-harm since he was used to the pain. Then did the only thing he thought he could his father gave him a ‘good’ beating to the point the boy was coughing blood. His father left him and he somehow made it to the bathroom in his room he packed all his stuff-which was little and left out his window in a daze. Kai has now been scowering the woods, occasionally heading back into the town. He can be found in the abandoned cabins in the woods.
Mate: ~Open~
Sexuality: Demisexual
((I'll update later))

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thanks and already approve but, its all good

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Pancake Butterball (upsetbean) | 2 comments Name: Cami nightshade

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Personality: Mute,dark,stubborn, straightforward

Blood: Half blood

Appearance: The picture (If it’s ok)

History: Cami was abbaned at a young age by her parents because of the way she looks. She never had anyone to go too so she turned mute because she barely talked.

Likes: sleeping, reading, skateboarding, playing bass guitar

Dislikes: people annoying her, talking to anyone who she hate,

Crush: None

Mate: None

Kids: None

Sexuality: Straight

Others: Theme song: Freakshow by skillet

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Soft Key Name: Sarah Posie Moseana

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Personality: Sarah hates being underestimated. She hates being stereotyped. She’s a level headed person, when she’s barely running on any sleep. Though when she’s wide awake, she’s a loose cannon. With a silver tongue, she curses like a sailor. Sarah prefers to be thought of a, good person. Someone who others can talk to, rely on. She loves to be seen that way. She’s a good listener, and at times, she’s very wise.

Blood: turned at the age of fourteen.


History: Sarah grew up in poverty. Her mom died thanks to some reckless driver. Her dad was never home, what with a child to feed and a few pets, he practically lived at his office. Sarah’s family was nothing but busy busy busy. She wasn’t social, but she was fairly active. She was smart, and deemed a pretty geek.
Until the day she was bitten.
Nobody could truly understand why she changed so quickly, why she’s so snappy about her life prior to that moment. No one understood why it hurt, why should couldn’t get over it.
She just couldn’t. She bares a permanent scar on her left shoulder, and one in her memories.
Now, she just, roams. Lost to the world. Fighting with her inner wolf, her urges.
She felt, alone.

Crush: None (at the moment lol)

Mate: ~Open~

Kids: None

Sexuality: straight

Theme songs:
Blood//Water - Grandson
Bury Me Face Down - Grandson

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your is looking cool

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Soft Key Melody wrote: "your is looking cool"

Thanks! Just waiting for approval

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Pancake Butterball (upsetbean) | 2 comments Is mine ok or do in need to work on it

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you gotta wait for approval.

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That’s goof

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Soft Key Yeet

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MysteriousFigure; just a smol potato; LONG LIVE ROCK wrote: "Name: Thomas Banks
Age: 23
Personality: Can take a dark turn every once in a while, sly and sneaky, selfless, kind but can be rude and stubborn
Human- Black hair that covers his eyes, d..."

two things for the profile

1. on character profile can you please put a pic even a link be find

2. what pack?

Apachwarriorbunny (apachewarriorbunny) | 393 comments Mod
Cami wrote: "Name: Cami nightshade

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Personality: Mute,dark,stubborn, straightforward

Blood: Half blood

Appearance: The picture (If it’s ok)

History: Cami was abbaned at a young age b..."


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MysteriousFigure; just a smol potato; LONG LIVE ROCK wrote: "Forgot to add:

Sexuality: Bi
Mate: NA"


may I make a character for him please!!

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Your character is amazing Mysterious

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I can’t wait to read this

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Name: Lilly Main
Gender: female
Personality:She is shy at first but once you get to know her she becomes outgoing.
Blood: (Pure-blood or was turned if so when) turned; whenever she got into a fight with her boyfriend who turned her when she was 19
Appearance: (human form........the wolf can be a wolf or half-human and half-wolf) human form, red curly hair big plump lips full body; wolf, whit wolf with blue eyes.

History: Since she was turned she wonders a lot.

Likes: music,art,writing.
Dislikes: her ex, sushi
Kids: none
Other: She has trouble trusting because of her relationship with her ex’s but once she does trust in a relationship it can be fun and steamy.

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you are approve is there away you can have a picture for your appearance love!

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