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Soraya Lane | 76 comments I thought some of you might find it interesting to hear how I choose what to write , and why I wrote about Pearl Harbor...

Sometimes, a story idea just comes to me or I'm researching another project and I tuck away a snippet of information to read later, and other times I have an idea that's a long time in the making. With The Girls of Pearl Harbor, it was the 'long time in the making' variety! I could "see" the start of the book as if it were a movie running through my head, especially the scene when the Japanese planes buzz overhead and the girls all look up, not knowing what's happening. But the rest of the book took a long time to figure out.

What would happen to the girls after the attack at Pearl Harbor? Who would survive? Could my main characters all survive, or would that be unrealistic? Would they continue nursing? Who could their love interests be? These were all questions that took a long time to answer. But funnily enough, when I started looking at photos from Pearl Harbor, and after I'd written the opening scene and made my Pinterest board about my characters, it all suddenly came together after months of thinking.

The fact that my editor made me do a chapter by chapter outline also helped, and she made a great few suggestions that really crystallised what had to happen later in the novel. But the thing that I always go back to is: What is the untold story of women from this moment in history? It's the one thing that I try to do in each of my historical novels, and that's to look at the experience of women during a specific time period or historical event. I wanted to make sure I was doing their stories justice!
That feeling of watching a movie in my mind never changed either, and as I wrote I could honestly "see" everything unfolding as it were a film in this story. And one thing I did to make sure the reader jumped straight into the action with me, was to include a Prologue that was actually a flash forward to the Japanese bombing scene, which I hope gives a great visual picture right from the very beginning.

If you'd like to read the first 10% of the book you can do so with the sample on Amazon, and the first chapter is also posted on my website, too. And if you're a Kindle Unlimited member, you can download the book for FREE! Otherwise it's $4.99 in the US/Canada, and £1.99 in the UK.

I'll leave you with some beautiful images that I saved from my research, and tomorrow I'll share my visual inspiration of the characters from the book. For Goodreads members, you'll have to check out the pics on the Facebook page as I don't think I can load them here?!

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Carol | 87 comments Downloaded on Kindle Unlimited just now. 📚📚😊😊

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