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message 1: by Amy (new)

Amy Soakes (amysoakes) | 2 comments Hi, I manage a website called ( where authors and narrators giveaway their free US/UK AUDIBLE PROMO CODES. So if you're an avid audiobook listener, come and request some audiobooks. There's a wide range to choose from. Authors/narrators, come and list your audiobooks with us.
AudioFreebies - where people with promo code giveaways meet those who want them!
Any suggestions for the site welcome. Cheers, Amy

message 2: by donna (new)

donna backshall (dtamayob) | 68 comments Amy wrote: "Hi, I manage a website called ( where authors and narrators giveaway their free US/UK AUDIBLE PROMO CODES. So if you're an avid audiobook listener, come..." Hi Amy, your site is clean and easy to navigate. It looks great! I don't see any audiobooks that appeal to me at the moment, I wouldn't mind subscribing so I could get regular updates. Is there a place where can I sign up for this? At the moment, it seems more focused on authors/narrators uploading, rather than on readers/listeners.

message 3: by Trio (new)

Trio | 19 comments yes, Amy, I agree - wonderful website!
I've bookmarked it, but I agree with Donna - even if you did a monthly newsletter just to remind us that you exist, or have a way to let us know when new offerings in our categories become available? That would be fantastic.

Your site is really beautifully done - way prettier than Audiobook Boom.

message 4: by Amy (new)

Amy Soakes (amysoakes) | 2 comments Hi. Donna and Trio.
Thank you both for your compliments, suggestions and feedback.
I hadn't actually thought that anyone would want regular email updates or to sign up to a newsletter (I personally hate the plethora of emails that end up in my inbox, so hadn't thought others would want any more of them!). I also didn't want to do a mail-out because it's not meant to be another AudiobookBoom. I was hoping the site would become a regular haunt of those wanting promo codes (like the relevant giveaway groups on Facebook), and people would just make a point of checking in every few days, like they do with the Facebook promo pages. And as the newest additions are at the top, they could start looking at the top and scroll down, and just stop when the books started looking familiar.
But your comments have started me looking at other possibilities. I will put my thinking cap on. I could make a signup database and send out a reminder - maybe once a week/month?
A fresh set of eyes is so beneficial. It would never have occurred to me that it looked more focused on authors/narrators uploading, rather than listeners requesting books (considering there are 50 pages containing a form for listeners to fill in to request an audiobook, whereas there's only page with a form for author/narrators to fill in to upload!), but I take your point.
I shall think about how to incorporate a listener database signup and corresponding mail-out reminder/new titles. Interesting. You've definitely got me thinking.
Thank you to you both.
Kind regards, Amy

message 5: by Kelly (new)

Kelly | 182 comments I think it’s a wonderful idea as well. I’ve kept the original email from Goodreads in my email folder where I keep any audiobook requests and codes I’ve requested for reviewing. I agree more emails in my inbox might tend to get overlooked but I also agree that some sort of monthly or weekly or special notification to remind us of the site might be needed.

message 6: by John (new)

John Reizer (jreizer) | 1 comments Thanks for the information, Amy. I just uploaded my audiobook as I have promo codes to giveaway.

message 7: by Cherei (new)

Cherei | 1 comments Amy, I received an email from Nef House Publishing who linked me to your Audiobook page. Like you, I have a large group on FB, but don't have time to do emails. But, as we're both in this group now... I'm going to send you a friend's request so I don't forget about your site. And, I'll be sure and share your page with many folks! If you're on Facebook... Please feel free to join my group and post new books and let them know to go to your page to get the code! I've had a few folks from time to time ask about free audiobooks.

My group on FB, Kindle Freebies I found today:

We currently have nearly 9,000 members and growing.

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