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Pack: *If you have one*




Sexuality: (optional but, would help other rpers)





Apachwarriorbunny (apachewarriorbunny) | 393 comments Mod
Name: Dante Rage

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Personality: shy, timid, cold at times

Appearance: Anime Wolf Demon photo zuizune___final_form_by_kankakan-1.jpg

Rank: None

Pack: *none loner

Mate: open

Crush: open


Sexuality: Bisexual

cute things

loud noise
rude people

Powers: element power ice and lighting


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Name: Shadow

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Personality: Kind, Brave, Strong, Trustworthy

Appearance: Black and White with gray paws

History: He is an only child and lives with his parents. He is very bold and will take any risk if its to save a friend. He has strong feelings for snowy and wants to be her boyfriend.

Rank: None

Pack: *If you have one* Loner

Mate: None

Crush: Snowy


Sexuality: (optional but, would help other rpers) Straight

Likes: The color yellow, candy, and dark magic

Dislikes: The color red, studying, and video games

Powers: makes people smile

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Rose | 42 comments Name: Basil

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Personality: Funny, Brave, outgoing

Appearance: golden eyes, grey with black specks.

History: Basil lives with his parents in the Still Green pack. He loves to have fun with his friends and make people laugh. He gets into trouble a lot, by the elders in he pack. He also has a strong feelings for Rosemary a girl in his pack. The others in his pack think he is manley and he does to, but dip down he is a big softy.

Rank: none

Pack: Still Green

Mate: none

Crush: Rosemary

Kids: none

Sexuality: straight

Likes: running races, the colour blue, flowers and hugs

Dislikes: getting into trouble, called a softy and maths

Powers: super speed


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All I ask can you please find a photo or something

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Rose | 42 comments Ok I will try.

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Name: Jade Love

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Personality: Out-going and very protective of her friends. She smart and extremely talents.


History: Friend with Dante but, had to be secret becuase, they were from a rival pack of each other. But, one day a hunter killed all Dante pack and he was the only one that survive. That was the last time she heard from him.

Rank: Alpha

Pack: The Wolf Hell Creek (Many knew that pack by how strong even their weaker wolf was. They all knew to stay out of the view.)

Mate: no

Crush: no

Kids: 1 (drake)

Sexuality: she not even sure

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(Can I make a character for her?)

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Sure remember she is a widow

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With a pup

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She is 15 as a widow? She should at least be 26 or older.

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Also, Shadow is 18, Way too old for her

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How about Drake? Can I make a character for drake?

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Hahaha yea true true but I’m going to change the age. Yay sorry I have to change things

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Sure. She is 15 but I can put this a the history

History for jade

When their parents died she was only 10 and jade was so young she had to grow up super fast and start to raise him like his. Drake can’t see her as anything except as a mother even though by blood she is his sister.

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It be cute to have to young wolf

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this profile will be basic

Name: Alucard Black

AGe: 20



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Wow, so cool.

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