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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Children's book where the main character is in elementary and her mother is old and dislikes her and she befriends the new and only black girl at her school, and faces backlash for befriending her and sees the racism against her friend.

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Rory | 2 comments -I read the book around 2008-2009
- Racism/ race is one of the books themes, as it seems to take place after slavery was abolished and African Americans were no longer segregated from whites and were given more rights, but people were still mean and uncomfortable towards black people.
- The main character's mother hates her, and she has 3 older siblings: One of her older sister is in a psychiatrist ward and her mothers favourite, the other one is married with a son, and she has an older brother who doesn't do much in life.
- The main character befriends the African American girl who moves into her neighbourhood/town and attends her school.
- She lives with her mother


Key events that take place during the book:

-The main character lives with just her mother and her, because her jumped out of the window, when she found out she was pregnant with her, and her father left the mother after that. So the mother has resentment towards her child.
-The main characters grandpa suffers a stroke or heart attack and he can no longer move. She sees her sisters husband steal her grandpa's watch and when she calls him out on it, he says he will tell her mom she's been hanging out with a black girl
-The main character and her black friend play by the river only for some classmates to hold them down and cut off her black friends braids.
-She invites her black friend over, and her mother acts nice and offers her friend a drink. After her friend goes home, she sees her mother trying to melt the glass her black friend drank from at the stove.
-At the end of the book she visits her older sister at the hospital and on the bus ride home, she falls asleep on her mom, and when she wakes up it turns out her mother passed away on the bus. The mother who she thought hated her, had actually saved and put aside enough money to get the main character through school and stuff so that she would be taken care of when her mother passed away, due to her mothers age.
-It is also revealed the black girl is actually the grandchild of the judge/lawyer who they live with, it was kept hidden because back then interracial relationships were taboo then.

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Rory | 2 comments Rainbowheart wrote: "Ludie's Song?

Between Us Baxters?

They're All Named Wildfire?"

Sadly, It's not any of those. Thank you for the help though!

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Rainbowheart | 16964 comments Still looking, Rory?

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