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Kristel (kristelh) | 3803 comments Mod
Read 2015
My third taste of Beckett. This actually has a story that you can kind of follow. Murphy does not want to work but finds a job in a mental hospital where he likes the residents, plays chess. While working others look for him. There is some very witty sentences in this writing, some nonsense words, and thank goodness there is punctuation. Wiki says this is avant-garde and prose fiction. Mostly I call Beckett's works, works of absurdism. I could not recommend this to anyone unless they are wanting to read books from the 1001 list and then I would say, this is a good place to start if you plan to read Beckett.

Diane | 1918 comments Rating: 3 stars

This is Beckett's first published novel. I agree with Kristel that this is a good place to start reading his many books from the 1001 list, as it makes more sense than some of his later books.

The story is about an Irishman who moves to London and gets a job as a nurse in a mental hospital, in order to save money to support his future wife back in Ireland. If you like chess, there is a move by move depiction of a chess game in progress. Beckett has a tendency to make up words. I encountered a few odd words I didn't know that I was unable to find in the dictionary.

Overall, not bad, but I am not really a Beckett fan.

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