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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Dark/Thriller/suspence-Kidnapping/Sex trade/secondary characture sews mouth shut/Hero/Herione fall for each other/Hero undercover/Trying to bring down sex traffic ring/

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Allyson | 3 comments I was watching TV the other night and something made me think of a book I had read, now I can't think of the title and it's driving me crazy. One thing I know for sure is that one of the secondary characters sews his mouth shut. He also sews the mouth shut of whatever girl he has at the time ( those girls turn out to be bad people) The main hero is trying to take down the big bad guy. I am thinking that this falls under sex trafficking because I think I remember the heroine being taken against her will but gets put with our Hero. Our hero has several men that are on his side also. I remember they are trying to save her at one point from a house and there is some kind of animal on the porch that the guy with the sewn mouth takes care of.
I hope you guys can help :)

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Allyson | 3 comments Where the heroine is kept is where all the other girls are. The hero must try to break her and can't let the bad guys know he likes her. She goes through a lot.

Something happens to either her or him when they were younger.. the mother/foster mom gets killed in the bedroom while the kids were in the other room.

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Allyson, please add some plot details to your topic header. This helps the people searching for your book. Use the little edit link next to the header.

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Allyson | 3 comments Bump

* Fingers crossed *

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