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If you couldn't make it to the meeting but are still reading along, if you went home and had some thoughts you desperately want to express, or if you've given it some thought and agree with my that Janelle is TOTALLY suspicious, feel free to use this thread to continue our discussion of Truly Devious by Maureen Johnson!

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Jen (just-joshin) | 5 comments I just finished last night. I jumped it to the top of my ridiculously tall library pile when I saw you all were discussing it. (Miss you so much!)

There is totally something creepy with Janelle, but to be honest I feel like the entire band of misfits all have something that isn’t quite right. I kept thinking that one of them was the grandchild of Alice (who was really a sociopath and had killed her mother and Dottie, but then I saw that she was only 3 when she disappeared so that seems unlikely. ) and was carrying on the legacy.

My thoughts (but I’m not that smart so you know, grain of salt. 😜)
I want to know what the “friend” (mistress? Lover? Blackmailer?) swiped from the closet the night Iris disappeared.

I find it interesting the opening chapters when Dottie encounters the person in the tunnel that there are no gender pronouns describing them.

I really wanted Stevie to find something besides a riddle and doorknobs in the attic. That was underwhelming.

And was the film project *really* putting a personal face on tragedy before Hayes died? Because that seems like a stretch. Once he died, sure it was personal and not just figurative but how is making a movie about it different than just reading about it? I was hoping for her tracking down someone who was super old and still alive but who worked there or went to school there and knew Dottie or something.

Parents: Stevie’s meant well and the whole teen-rejecting-parent-beliefs thing rang true, but the rest of the group seems to have (lack of) parent issues. Whether cars are allowed on the grounds or not, I think any modern parents would be storming the gates to get
Their kids out as soon as they got the news, not waiting at the rest area and getting a sandwich. Especially since the internet and cell service is spotty up there and they probably can’t reliably reach their kids. Not one family yanked their kids out?

Also, the Sherlock Holmes book underlined quote seemed like it was going to be so important so it had better come back up in the next one.


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